Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mom Guilt and a 5 Month update!

This kid is a fire cracker! We are having so much fun with her.

 We have started her on solids and oatmeal, summer squash and peas (ew) are a hit! She can roll all over the place and wants to grab everything. She loves playing in her exersaucer, which is great because we just move it to whatever room that we are in doing things!!
She definitely has teeth coming in and I am in her mouth everyday looking for these little suckers. She puts everything in her mouth with in arms reach and will grab the sides of your face to pull it to hers so that she can suck on your chin. 

When she is excited she flaps her arms like a bird. It is seriously the cutest thing ever.

Her nap schedule is a disaster but from the looks of my research this is normal. I swear that she reads this shit while I'm sleeping because she is text book! 
We have currently become diligent at putting her in her crib for nap time. Honestly, we have been quite lazy to do this. Most of the fact is that her nursery is on the second floor and our master (that has the pack n play) is on the first floor.
She loves being outside. We have had such a mild November that we have been able to take walks weekly. I just plop her in the sollybaby wrap and then put the kowalli over it. 
 The kowalli has a toggle that makes it nice and snug around the back of her neck, so there 
isn't a draft. This thing is so warm and soft. She looks like a little eskimo in it. Oddly enough, a few weeks ago we went to a parade, and a grown man stated that he wouldn't mind being in it.

Every morning when she wakes up (around 630-8) I bring her to the back glass slider and we look outside and talk to nature (my mother thinks I'm a hippie because of this). One really important thing to Josh and I in regards to parenthood is keeping our family connected to nature. I figure you can never start early enough. 

She giggles and snorts like a champ. She only cries when she's hungry or tired. 
She LOVES bath time but hates getting out. 
Her car seat is growing on her. I call it her adventure seat and I'm pretty sure my husband thinks that I'm batshit.

How am I at 5 months you ask? Oh well in all honesty, I had my first mommy breakdown (other than that time I  cooked a $15 dollar pork roast in the crock pot with the plastic on, in which I fully blame sleep deprivation). Charlee's hasn't been taking very long naps so she is a little fussy right now. Plus the fact that we made a bad routine happen by not making her nap in her crib isn't making the transition any easier. On Sunday she was fighting sleep so bad. I must have rocked her for over and hour and put her down two times that both resulted in instant wake up. 
At that moment I felt a whoosh over aggravation come over me. I quickly dismissed it
Later that night when I put Charlotte to bed. I sat at the kitchen table and told J that I had anxiety. I poured myself a glass of wine and tried to figure out what was going on in my head. With in seconds I called my mom bawling. 
I admitted to having no patience. I felt horrible that I was aggravated with a 5 month old baby. 
I watch my mom with babies and she is professional. Think Baby Whisperer. She assured me that patience comes with practice and that she herself had these feelings with me and my siblings.
 I contacted a few new mom friends to confess my disgusting feelings and they all told me that it's normal. The best advice that I was given was not to worry about it because Charlotte doesn't even know. Which I thought was hysterical. 
I mean seriously, who can get aggravated at this.....

Happy HUMP day!


  1. Charlee is a doll! I love the antler picture and of course the wagon picture too. Where did you get that wagon, btw? And yes, what you are feeling is completely normal. Don't let it get to you!!! You're an awesome Mommy and Charlee thinks the world of you!

    Oh, and I love the adventure seat!!

  2. That last picture is adorable. I think it is totally normal and human to get frustrated at times. Each time I'm sure will be easier.

  3. Oh girl I have been there! I feel like such a terrible person when I do it. One night, I got so frustrated that I just put him in his crib and walked away. No kiss. No I love you. Nothing. I figured I would take a minute, get my stuff together, and go back in because obviously he would still be crying. Nope. Fell right asleep. And then I felt terrible because I didn't tell him I loved him. So I snuck back in and risked giving him a kiss. This Mom business is CRAZY! We went through the same thing with naps around this time. If you want to email me I can let you know what we did. And hang in there. You're doing great, and she's obviously happy! (PS, how is she 5 months already?!)

  4. She is too freakin' cute. Those antlers and that sweater... ohmygosh. Also, I totally have mom guilt when I realize how annoyed I (sometimes) get with Clara when she cries. There's nothing like a baby to show me how much patience I don't have!

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