Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Letter I wrote to Santa for 5 of My Favorite Bloggers....

We made it! Christmas Eve!!! One of my favorite Eve's of the year.
December has been kind to us in so many ways (more on that soon).

I'm wishing all of my bliends a Merry Christmas. I have written Santa a wish list for some of my favorite girls.....

1.) Miss Whitney Ellen.... a new furry companion.
2.) Kait Sawyer.....for her husband to come home for Christmas (and this present came early).
This time of year especially touches my heart for military families. Josh and I endured 400 grueling days apart in 2009 and he surprised me at Christmas. It is one of the most memorable moments of my life. The emotions that you experience are indescribable.
3.) Brin, Allie and Jenn... a triple decker apartment so that you can all live together. Granted there may be a small risk in you all becoming alcoholics with this living arrangement, but that's just a small price to pay. I also added a * next to Brin's name on Santa's letter. 
I'm hoping he brings her men with beards.
4.) Jen.....a new home with a white picket fence, a beautiful nursery and a HUGE craft room for all of her amazing projects.
5. Erin and Nikki................a sexy hunk that IS relationship material!

Merry Christmas ladies, I hope Santa is good to you!!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Jury Duty #WIDN

Currently,  I sit waiting for my number to be called, like at the deli. Except today I get to punish a criminal.  

I arrived at 8 am and have done nothing except watch tv. No cable and it's on about a 13 inch box monitor with rabbit ears. My ass is numb and my phone battery is dying. I have dozed off twice, only to be woken up with drool on my winter vest. 


 Thank god I had .60 in change for the vending machine snacks.


When they say a jury is a mix of people, they ain't kidding. 


To my left, the gamer. Approx age 18. Skinny jeans, backwards B's hat (flat brim) and playing "Adventure Time" for the last 3 hours. If it wasn't .99 I would have downloaded it also. However, I think he's a good kid considering the most recent calls on his call list are his Dad and a kid named Jason. He also uses instagram. 

To my right, OCD business man. Approx age 37. Hasn't put his phone down since he got here. Very busy. Possibly gay. Currently, texting and emailing. He just constructed a todo list of about 100 lines. I initially thought this was on note pad but then he hit send. Some poor sucker is going to be a busy bitch today. 

In front of me. Male. 50 yro. Ball cap on top of his head, tilted down over his eyes like a Grandpa does when he wants to take a snooze.  Poor guy is crammed into the same size chair as me and has so much side ass that it's actually pouring out the sides of the chair.  Not comfortable. 

Behind me. 40 year old woman. Shiny nursing shoes, short trendy hair cut, iphone. Trying to stay "cool" as long as possible. Her husband has been made aware that their daughter Madison has a orthodontic appointment at 4 with Dr. Bob. Coincidently, Dr. Bob was my orthodontist also. However I did not share this information. She thinks we will be out at 1. 

There are 27 more people in this room with me. They range from construction workers, students, crafters (I know this because one woman has taken the Christmas wreath off of the wall and disassembled it), one guy with a disgusting cough making me paranoid to the point that I want a mask, a Woodstock hippie, a goth girl with blue hair and some that blend in. 
I'd like to think that I'm in that " blend in "group, but waking up to sucking up slobber is no way to remain unnoticed. 

I'm ready to go home. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Christmas List, If.....

Josh and I decided not to exchange gifts this year since we went on vaca. We are also buying a king size mattress that will be making a dent in our pocket.
 If we were exchanging gifts...These would be my items.

1. Ceramic Berry Baskets
 I have been totally in love with these since we found the ceramic egg holders last year.

2. Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups
I love this because it's something that I can leave out on the counter and not feel bad about it!

3. Mini Collanders
Can you tell Anthropologie has been on my hit list!

4. Tory Burch Sherpa Lined Duck Boots
 I still love my Sorel Joan of Arctic boots from last year, but there is something about these cuties that make me want em!

5. Who doesn't need a Merch shirt?

6. A Christmas stocking filled with boxes of Mac and Cheese. 
So instead of these want worthy items, I will settle for a king size bed with new sheets, a feather bed pillow top and a new down filled comforter.

We also did almost all of our Christmas shopping online this year, which I totally recommend. Not only is it super easy, but you can buy people so much more due to the decrease of cost online. Between free shipping deals and percent off coupons, our family is going to be very happy this year! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Birds With One Stone

 I've recently been way behind on getting our Christmas cards (along with all things Christmas) in order this year. Note to self, don't take off the first 11 days of December, you will feel totally rushed and ripped off from the Holiday season...

With the whole new addition coming into our family, I wanted to eliminate two birds with one stone. Since we've made it into the safe zone we want to start telling family and friends, and what an easier way to do that, than with Christmas cards (most people have no idea that I blog).

Naturally, I searched Pinterest and the web for ideas...... and found some pregnancy/holiday
cards that just didn't quite work for us......

This one definitely wouldn't work for us, considering we don't know the babies gender yet.

 My husband would never wear an adult diaper, not even if he was inebriated and I paid him. 

No. Just NO.

After playing around with pics and heading over to Vista Print, I designed these cute cards...
Now please excuse me while I put up our Christmas tree and drink non-alcoholic wine! Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Week That I Thought I Was Dying

Ok, I've had the common cold before. I've had the flu so bad that it made me miss a Christmas Eve.
I however, have never had a mix of both which has had symptoms that last a week long. And by a week long I mean, symptom strong for 7 days. NOT one break! 
I cried. Twice. 
You see, I hate being sick. HATE! I usually overdose on vitamin C and get over everything and anything in 3 days max. I feel useless, unproductive and lame when I am sick, hence the reason why I kick the crap out of my own colds. I've been know to get on the elliptical and break a fever before. Determination right there.

From what google has told me, when you are pregnant your cold will last 2-3 times as long.....
Apparently your body's immunity is shit because it needs to except your little critter growing.

 I am finally feeling better this morning. Praise the Lord. I'm still quite congested but determined to pack for our cruise and get in vacation mode!
 Here is what got me through the week.
halls, humidifier, nedipot, tylenol, flannel blankets, puffs plus

Now please go enjoy your work week while I park my ass in the Bahamas.

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