Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I am thankful for a one and half day work week!

I am thankful for my husband

 I am thankful for Black Friday Sales

I am thankful for this healthy little peanut 
I am thankful that I can eat Thanksgiving dinner this year vs last year when I was 8 weeks pregnant and could only stomach easy mac

I am thankful for my health, our home and a great occupation.

I am thankful for wine

I am thankful for a super supportive family

I am thankful for feeling blessed

There is a lot more that I am thankful for but why bore you?
This Thanksgiving we have started a new tradition. We will be hosting a Thanksgiving-eve game night. The eve's of holidays are just as special as the holiday itself to our family. The holiday season just flies by, so why not make a big deal out of both days?
I do have a few good recipes stuffed up my sleeve! I plan to fill this little pumpkin with the most delicious dip ever and serve it with Nilla wafers!! And I'm also going to make Cranberry Brie Bites!

I recently saw these adorable headbands on line and wasn't interested in paying for them, so off to Michaels I went. I bought some suede, some feathers and used some old scrap booking embellishments to finish them off. You gotta have mommy and baby matching holiday attire ya know!

Oh! I am also thankful for my kitchen make-over!!!! It
is still a work in progress but it's almost done! Our kitchen cabinets have always been a bit too contemporary for our home. Josh has suggested painting them for a while and I was against it. Paint on wood is just so permanent, I get scared. Butttttttt, I found a few pictures online of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and I was sold on painting them. After googling the shit out of a ton of colors, I chose the color French Linen.
Here is just a sneak peek...
Of course now that gray/green wall need to be covered with wood and painting white right?! I thought so! 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Holiday Swagger

I am absolutely loving having a baby around the holidays! Her wardrobe is getting bigger and better than mine by the second and the Christmas stuff that is out for her to wear, I am drooling over!!!! Here are some of our top picks!

Gold Antlers
Holiday Tree Onesie
Buffalo Plaid Leggings
Gold Moccs.
Cable Knit Sweater One Piece

With Black Friday right around the corner, I will be on a spending freeze untiil then for sure! Old navy has 50% off their entire store for card holders and I am going to take advantage of Cyber Monday this year as well.

 I also have been eying these pans from JCP. They are ceramic non-stick pans with copper outsides. They retail for $280 and are on sale for $79.00 on  Black Friday! 
Come to MAMA!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fart Forbidden Zone

Since I met my husband he has this hate for farts.
 He detests them.
 I found this out briefly after I let one sneak out about 10 years ago. I literally thought he was never going to speak to me again.

I've never heard him fart. Well maybe a few times, but just in his sleep. And I can't even tell him about it because he denies it. What's the fun in that?    

 About 4 years ago we had to have a talk about a fart "allowance".
The talk went like this....

Me: Babe sometimes you need to just fart?!

Him: I don't.

Me: Seriously. What am I supposed to do? It's not like I'm doing it out in public or in the bed and giving you a dutch oven?

Him: Farting belongs in the bathroom

Me: So if I have to fart,  you want me to run to the bathroom?

Him: Yes.

Because farts make him disgusted, I will now go to the bathroom to fart.
I can walk into the bathroom and talk to him with the door open and fart, as long as I'm in the bathroom however he will usually call me a sick bitch after the said event.

Now why bring up this topic? Because Charlotte farts like a champ!!!! And I love it. For all of those years that I had been denying myself relief from a fart, this little kid just lets em rip.
And I think it's just hilarious. 

Now let one rip and say "this one's for you Josh" and get back to work!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lovin me some November

We sure have had a mild fall. It's been pretty warm to say the least. This weekend was full of winter preparations ie trimming back ornamental grasses, cleaning lawn furniture, and drinking coffee mixed with Kringle Cream....(google it)
It also means that I got to drive around the golf cart to get the mail and deliver drinks etc. Charlotte is such an outside girl and can't get enough of staring up into the sky at the birds and the trees.
Friday we came home with a new car. Josh bought his Audi in the spring as a family car, figuring that it was better than the 87 Subaru aka green hornet that he was driving around. Unfortunately the Audi was a disappointment. There wasn't really enough room in it even though it was a wagon. The car seat had to go behind the passenger seat, because Josh is so tall. And the space it so limited that it makes it so we can't go anywhere with anyone else.
We talked about one of us getting a 7 passenger vehicle. I definitely want more babies but my commute is way to far for such a big car. So we said goodbye to his wagon.
He was initially looking at a Yukon or a Suburban and realized A-its $80 to fill it and B- even ten year old trucks like that we're still $20,000. So he checked out some other trucks and he drove home the Explorer LTD for me to take a peak at and I instantly fell in love with it. Since it's going to be his car, the final decision was his.

Charlotte is doing so good with her oatmeal that we are going to try some veggies in a couple of weeks!  She gets all excited when it's time to eat!!! She loves it! She's also been talking up a storm lately and I just can't get enough.
Unfortunately what she isn't loving right now is sleep. I don't even know how I am functioning, she woke up 7 times last night. SEVEN!!! 
I can't even get mad because when she wakes up, she just sits there and smiles. She is so cute!
Another project will be happening in the house soon and it has Annie Sloane Chalk paint written all over it. Updates to come soon!

Also, this year we will be hosting Christmas dinner for the first time. Josh and I have always wanted to be able to stay home Christmas day and watch our family bask in there presents, stay in jammies  and watch our babies fall asleep under the Christmas tree holding a Zeplin (Christmas Story reference, get with it!). High five to new traditions.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

That's a Solid

This weekend was by far one of the best weekends with Charlee. I've mentioned before that she has been watching us eat. Seriously, hawk eye-ing us. I did some homework and we decided to try some real food this weekend. Times have changed and guidelines change daily on what to feed your baby and at what age to start. After reading everything and over educating myself on a baby's digestive system, I settled on Organic Oatmeal.
Did she like it??????????? This was her face this morning when we were getting her ready for breakfast, so I'd say so.

For starters, she only gets about 1 teaspoon of oatmeal mixed with 5 teaspoons of breast milk. I give this to her after she nurses. From what I've read, babies don't get much nutrition from food right now. Their little digestive systems aren't set up to absorb everything yet, so breast milk will still be her main source of nutrients.
 I was so impressed how she knew to open her mouth and when to close it. She definitely takes after us in the appetite department. Girl knows how to eat.
This week the high chair will have to be put together,  considering she is almost going ass over tea kettle in the bumbo seat. 
Plus.....this part of the baby stage is MESSY!
In other news, Josh and I went to a Halloween party this weekend at a local bar and he won first place a Yukon Cornelius. Boom! 100 bucks richer! (but that all went out the door when we went to Target the next day).
I'm sad to see October go, but I love Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to starting new traditions with our new addition.
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