Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Every year we have our annual Halloween bash. 
For Josh, Halloween is like what Christmas is for everyone else. 
We have hosted a party for the last four years and we love it! We play a game called Left, Center, Right. We drink some seasonal boozie concoction that I put together and we party in costume.
This year I knew that we would have to involve the babe for sure.  Mom is usually our baby sitter and she was going to be at the party so I had to come up with some clever idea to get Charlotte involved but yet portable at the same time.
I decided on "Charlotte's Web"! Play on words, HA! I made a spider out of styrofoam balls from Michael"s, covered it in some felt and then attached it to a belt. Once I got Charlotte in the SOLLY Baby Wrap, I belted the spider on. Obviously we couldn't wear this all night but she was a pretty good sport for a few hours!
Josh's costume (as usual) topped everyone's. I swear he thinks about what he's going to be for the following year on November 1st. This costume by far is my favorite.
He was ZOLTAR from the movie Big.

He actually stayed in that box until everyone got there. He freaked people out big time lol! He bought everything except for the hat from the Dollar Store and the Salvation Army.
Here are some of the other costumes.....
Punky and Henry
BLT (my sis) and Scarecrow(my mom)
Cupcake and Scarecrow
Sheldon Cooper and Amy from Big Bang
The Pope and a pregnant NuN
The Board Game "CLUE"
First, second and third place prizes.
Apple Pie Moonshine
Pumpkin Pie Kahlua, K cups and a B&B candle
Pinot Grigio, Caramel Apple Vodka and Apple Cider
This year's poison was Apple Pie Sangria.
It consisted of a jug and a half of apple cider
two big bottles of Barefoot Pinot Grigio
 1bottle of Smirnoff Caramel Vodka
cut up apples and pears. You can find the "weaker" version here.

Tonight we are going out for some fun adult Halloween Festivities!
Happy Halloween and Be Safe!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Charlotte at 4 Months

Charlotte is 4 months old today! She really is such a good baby.


Currently she is practicing blowing raspberries which is actually just turning into a drooling mess.

 If you hold her long enough she will gnaw on your collar bone....I think someone might be starting to teethe.

 Her little giggle is the cutest ever and usually it is followed by a snort

She sleeps through most of the night in her pack and play (that's in our room), except for when she wakes up to have an early morning snack and then I bring her to bed with us (I know, shame on me). 

We have recently tried to put her in her crib for the night but she's not having it just yet. She will nap in her room though. I think some of the problem is because the room is too dark at night, so I just ordered this adorable night light from HouseyHome on Etsy.

She really only fusses when she's tired or hungry. I would have to say my favorite time with her is when she first wakes up. She always wakes up with a big smile on her face!

 Our pediatrician said that we can start giving her food now. I know that babies don't get much nutrition from food at this stage and the game and that it's more for just practice. 
I'm going to start with Happy Baby Oatmeal and fresh steamed and mashed sweet potatoes mixed with breast milk. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding and seriously have a freezer stock of over 200 bags. I actually didn't think that I was going to make to two months let alone four months. 

I really can't imagine our lives without her in it. I can't even picture going back in time. Honestly, I think we'd be bored. Josh and I loved our time before having her but she is the element to our making our "family".
She is such a joy and blessing and I love watching her grow and change everyday! 

And let's just say that she has him wrapped around her finger.....



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Good Times at Tihonet Village

This past weekend was a busy one. Busy with all things fall
Josh always finds these cool little places. He usually grabs a coffee and just drives around a bit and discovers these neat shops and eateries. A few weeks ago he walked into this little place called Tihonet Village Market. It is owned by A.D Makepeace which is the worlds largest cranberry grower. Ever heard of Ocean Spray? Yeah that's them. Well, they have a Cranberry Harvest Festival every year that is really cool. It has a lot of local venders, from farmers markets with pumpkins and squash to homemade cranberry vinaigrette salad dressing, salsas and jams.
The property that this little market is on is gorgeous. I mean tons of pumpkins, babbling brooks, ponds and fields. It also helped that it was 70 degrees on Saturday to make for an awesome outdoor picnic.

We actually sat right next to this mini waterfall.
Chocolate covered cranberries?....yes please
The food was awesome. We both got chicken salad. BUT their chicken salad has dried cranberries and walnuts in it. Yum. 
A lady in town makes her own cranberry dressing and bottles it herself. We definitely bought two of these bottles to bring home.
Charlee is growing like a weed. She is so good when we take her out places. We have been blessed with a great baby. Which makes me reconsider having more :) But 3 is the magic number for me.
This weekend is our annual Halloween Costume party and Josh and I both have some clever costumes!  Charlotte might have something to do with my costume.
I already bought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Can you say Apple Pie Moonshine, Pumpkin Spice Kahlua and Caramel Apple Vodka? Boom.

Happy Hump Day!
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