Friday, September 28, 2012

Birthday Weekend and Gym Dandy!

This weekend is my B-day weekend and I'm so pumped!!!!! For some reason, since I was a kid, we always made a huge deal out of birthdays. To tell the you how ridick it gets, here is an example. I actually celebrate my Birthday Month. If you know me, you know this is true. ie; If I don't do something that I'm supposed to do........I say "hey give me a break, it's my birthday month!". Don't want to do the dishes? "hey It's my birthday month" and so on and so forth. This also is a nice way to not pay the bill for drinks ;) However I can only pull that one over on my sister or the hubs. 

I already got my Rebel T3i camera from the hubs as an early B-day gift. But unfortunately strict birthday rules, imply that you must have a present the day of also. Okay, so those are my rules and I like them. I have not been allowed to go upstairs for at least a week now per hub's orders. What really drives me more crazy is that some of my friends know what's up there and I only found out last week because I went to go get a game for game night and got the "STOP, you can't go up there!'. Lucky for Josh that he is still on workman's comp because I am a nosy son of a b.

Tomorrow is Sister Saturday and she's taking me to Patriots Place. It's at Foxboro Stadium where the Pats play. Tons of restaurants and shopping. I'm interested in one particular store that has these.
Present from my SIS!

I'm thinking either the black or the brown and red!!! Love them. Ps I've been such a shoe whore lately, that I need a new rack!!!!

Next Up!!!

This is my second link up with Tara over at Fabulous but evil and I likey!
I'm in love with all the fall colors of ESSIE. But as usual, I contemplated on buying them for too long that when I went back there weren't many colors left ;(


I go back and forth with ESSIE. I love their colors but some go on quite streaky. I'm not sure of how the stay power of this polish was considering I painting it over the last week's Nail Files Color Club LOL!!!
If it's any consolation when the ESSIE started chipping of the Color Club was still there, full force!!!

I hope that every one has a AWESOME weekend and hopefully I will have a great re-cap on  Monday!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Case of the Mondays and a Royal weekend recap

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays 

Let's just say "FALL IS HERE"!!!

This weekend was just what I needed to relax. Friday was pretty uneventful. The hubs colored my hair and we sat by the fire enjoying adult beverages while watching Shark Tank. Josh has actually colored my hair 3 or 4 times. It saves me about $80 bucks and he does a damn good job. Oddly enough he is sooo
  confident with his hair coloring skills, he gets very upset when you give him any kind of directions or pointers. It's like he's a true stylist lol. Before and after pictures aren't up yet because the color is very dark and to be quiet honest with you, it needs to wash out a little bit ;)

On Saturday we went to King Richard's Faire.  This place is only open a few weeks out of the year and it's an entertainingly freakish Medieval people watching event. They have some pretty good shows, games, super expensive food and drink but well worth when with friends and when the entrance tickets are comped ;) 
Just some pics of my friend Amy and Magellan on the ladder game!!!

Saturday night we followed it up with a good ol' game night. But first the video of the evening.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I can't stop laughing at this!!! 


Myles's self pic
Fast, Magellan and the hubs playing "Loaded Questions"

Watching Sweet Brown

 And the Sunday wrap up.............. I don't even want to talk about it. The highlights would be the homemade chili and the delicious Pumpkin cream cheese filled cupcakes that Josh made!!! The dessert made my hour walk worthless 
crockpot chili, DELISH

Yep, he used the pink zebra cupcake foils and pink plates. God, I love him ;)

cream cheese!!!


As far as these guys go......... People are Pissed.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday and Nail Files!!!

First off, Happy Friday to all of you!!!!

This is my first link up and I. AM. PSYCHED!  #1 Because I LOVE nail polish and #2 Because after I "link' up, this will be the first time I have done something bloggy on my own. HA!!! 
I am linking up with Tara over at Fabulous but evil.


This color came in my Birchbox for the month of September. I love these mini polishes because they are just so cute!!!!! To me, anything smaller is always so much cuter lol.

Brand: Color Club
Color: Put a pin in it. 

This color went on super easy and dried extremely fast. Two coats gave plenty of coverage and it has been chip free for 2 days ;) This is my second time using Color Club and I'm totally happy with it!!! The color is a little flashy but I change polish so often that it's no big deal to me!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend my blogging buddies !!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Drunk pumpkins, GOT SHOES?! and Game Day weekend recap

Weekend recap time!!! I know, yay right ?! Our weekend was somewhat low key. As usual it's gone in a blink. Here it goes.......... *a lot of pics today

 Friday night!!!

Shipyard pumpkins and vanilla vodka= Drunken pumpkins!

bbq chix pizza and linguica

 Yup, that sums up Friday. I actually burnt the linguica pizza but we had enough salad and bbq chicken to feed everyone. We ended the night with Scattegories and some dance moves. Love these nights!


 My best friend works for a company called South Coast Visiting Nurses. They specialize in Hospice. She has only worked here for a year and decided to design her own event. The event was called "Hope Takes Flight". She pre-ordered butterflies and they arrived in this little envelope. The idea was to buy one in your loved one's memory and release it at the event. Since my dad had Hospice care, this was something I wanted to participate in.

This is Amy, I'm so proud of her!!!

There is a butterfly in this envelope

He's taking Flight!!!!!
Memory wall of butterflies!!!

 When I had left, the event had already raised $16,000. I would say it was a success wouldn't you?!!! 


So let me start by saying thank God that I went out and bought 3 pairs of shoes prior to watching the Patriots play!!! I probably would have purchased 10 pairs after they lost! When I'm mad, I buy shit. My sister had a triple points coupon for DSW , so I had to stop in to buy a pair of shoes. Well, I came out with 3!!!

Needless to say if your are New England Patriots fan, you are disappointed. They blew it!!!

Destroyed Shellac from nervous picking!!!

This game drove me and the hubs so crazy, I swear we were both going to barf by the end!!! We lost by a field goal! WHO MISSES A FIELD GOAL???????????

On to bigger and better things today! I got the hubs Carrie Underwood tickets for our anniversary! We are going to go to Providence tonight for dinner and then to her show! I'm so excited!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend and have a fast work week :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Work, Play, Hangover, and Repeat

This past work week was crazy busy!!! I didn't even get to blog my weekend re-cap. My office has currently switched ownership and every day right now feels like bootcamp!!! I must have cleaned 35 grillz in the last 3 days. 


*note, when I came home, under the word "Foxwoods" was added  "for a hangover!- Love Mom."

So catching up....My weekend was relaxing until Sunday. Sunday funday killed my Monday. We went to Foxwoods Casino for my brother-in law's bday. How we leave these faces? Even if it's just for a few hours, I will never know. They kill me!!
 My mom house sits for us when we go away and these dogs get spoiled!!!! As soon as the door opens and she walks in, Graycie's tail is knocking all kinds of crap over and Puppa is doing happy pee aka drinky dots.

The drive was a little over an hour, it included McDonalds (ew) and 80's music on the Pandora. My husband confirmed with me that I am the worst singer ever. I asked him in which way? He said all ways. "Your voice, your off beat and you make up your own words"! I have a very raspy voice, think Demi Moore not Marge Simpson's sisters. However if we go out and I have too much fun, the next morning I sound like Barry White. Josh once told me that he had to turn the light on in the middle of the night while we were talking just to make sure there wasn't a man in the bed. Sexy right?!!! LOL! 
Not-so-lucky Casino outfit.

We checked in our rooms and enjoyed some classy  boxed wine and sassy drinks.

Long story short, drinks turned into dinner, which turned into drinks, which turned into dancing, which turned into drinks, which turned into blisters on my feet, which turned into drinks, which turned into HANGOVER.

Sis and Birthday Boi!

 We felt so bad on Monday that after checkout (at 11am) we went and slept in the car, while the men spent/gave the rest of their money to the casino. I know WE ARE SO LAM-O. 

LISTEN UP LATE 20 SOMETHING'S, You will soon be experiencing the worse hangovers of your life. I promise. It started for me when I turned, a-hem, 28.

Enjoy your weekend peeps and drink responsibly :) 
(I don't know if that's even possible)

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's THAT time Again! and Weekend Recap.

I hope that every one had a great holiday weekend. Unfortunately, 4 day weekends are the regular for me and I don't really feel the difference :) 


Friday night was date night AND............wait for it............. it actually took place!!!! Can you believe it??? I know right! We went to The Pasta House. Josh had the prime rib and I ordered calamari, steak tips, baked stuffed shrimp and tiramisu (accompanied with 3 glasses of wine). What a heffer!!! Hell, I figured it's a holiday weekend, might as well have at it and this might be the last one for a while, since it's been a while, so I fully enjoyed myself.
shirt-Target, jeans-AE, boots-Aldo, arm candy-Alex and Ani

Saturday was #SisterSaturday, plus one, again. I think he's getting a little to used too this. We made a nice donation to the Mass Lottery via Keno. We are so thoughtful! 
 I was actually going to take my sis for a pedicure but they wanted us to come back in a half an hour. Rule #1 of Sister Saturday, nobody tells us NO! lol

We skipped coffee.


Sunday was an easy breezy day! Annual Family cookout. But not just any cookout. I'm talking lobsters, clams, linguica (if you haven't had this, YOU NEED TO!) and a full clam boil with corn! I see my full family only twice a year and that is enough for me :) My mom is one of 8 siblings so the family is HUGE.
Family Cookout Attire
 On Monday, we went to a Portuguese Festival. We had a few beers and some portagee cuisine!!! 

(Note*In pictures, 99.9% of the time, I'm wearing leggings.)

And to wrap up my post, an embarrassing photo of my girl Graycie

 It's that time again for her, and she's MORTIFIED in that diaper!!! Poor thing!!! 

On that note, what did you do this weekend?????
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