Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nek-ed with a Postpartum Update and a Yoga Pants Review

So what have I been up to lately ? 
Not blogging, that's what. I have now reached the last week of my maternity leave (and the last week of summer) and I am looking forward to figuring out a work, life, baby, relationship balance. I've been trying to enjoy the moments with Charlee, versus trying to have my phone out all of the time and document everything. There will always be moments that I will forget, but I'd much rather just enjoy them  now.

Today's post is a bit of exposure but I hope that it's some inspiration to women who plan on having babies, and are told that their body won't go back to normal.
 I was encouraged by one of my coworkers  to take pregnancy pictures. Half naked ones.
I'm glad I listened to her because 
#1 I loved my prego belly and I never want to forget it
and #2 It's a great motivator !

I did get my husbands permission to post these. I would hope that if he was a blogger and was going to do a half nek-ed post,  he would have asked me.
 The picture above was me at my biggest. Charlotte was a week late and I was ready to bust!
I took this picture at 8 weeks. I am actually down to my pre-prego weight plus another 3. I owe it all to breastfeeding! So if your worried about your pre-baby weight, breastfeed ladies, I swear it sucks the fat out of you plus its amaze-balls for your baby and FREE!
When I first started feeding Charlee, she was extremely gassy and when a baby is gassy the discomfort makes you cry because you can tell that they are in pain. So I did some google homework and decided to eliminate dairy. With in 1 week she was much better.
We now use coconut milk/creamer and it really is just as good as the regular stuff.
Clean eating has kicked up a notch in this house too! I want to be able to get the best quality  milk into her which I truly hold responsible for her amazing sleep schedule. The kid sleeps 8-8 with a feeding for 15 minutes at 5 am!
 Josh has also started to eat cleaner as well, which has made meal prepping very easy. He is down 21 pounds and he's going strong.

I haven't started exercising yet, so I'm kinda jiggly. But I did just get Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout and I will be starting that once I get a bench. If you haven't heard of it, go to her instagram and see the transformations on these girls that have completed the program! AND you can totally do the entire work out at home! 

I also had the opportunity to review a new pair of yoga pants. I have never actually purchased "real"  yoga pants. I always just get the ones from VS. These pants are legit yoga pants.
These are the Cozy Orange Leo Fitted Pants in dusky violet
 These pants are a spandex breathable material and compress out all of my dimples! They also have a little pocket in the waste band, big enough for your car key and a debit card.
The Yoga Outlet is having a great sale right now on all types of yoger-ish stuff so head on over and use this code to get  15% off by using the code "bridgepose"

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! I will be enjoying cold adult beverages and hanging out with this little one...........

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm a shitty blogger but I'm giving you a Free Groove Book

Yes, I know...I've been slacking on blogging. But believe me it is because of this face.

I went back to work this week and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Saturday was quick day but Tuesday was my regular 10-7 schedule and there is nothing worse than leaving while your baby is sleeping and coming home and they are sleeping within the hour. You feel like you lost the entire day.
Another eh part about going back to work, is that I have to pump there. Boobs out at work, even if it's in a closed room is awkward.  Also the carrying case to the Medela looks like an ugly book bag so
I am totally eyeing this Sarah Wells pumping bag

Yesterday was my 6 week postpartum check up. Josh was so excited for this appointment because at your 6 week check up you get the "ok" for intercourse. Well let me tell you, the doc may say that it's ok but it don't feel ok! tmi? 

This little onesie got a ton of attention on my instagram. It's from a little shop on Etsy called From Ash With Love. She has other glitter onesies as well, and I am currently just holding myself back from purchasing all of them!!! She is currently offering my readers 15% off with this code

ALSO, I finally subscribed to Groovebook.
If you don't know what it is, I'll explain. Every month you get to select 100 pictures from your camera roll on your cell phone and upload them to the Groovebook app. They will then make you a book filled with 4x6 pre-perforated photos. It's only $2.99 a month. Now I don't know about you but since the digital camera invention, I don't print shit. So this is perfect for me. 

It comes in a little purple booklet in an envelope via regular mail.

I absolutely love this thing! It's going to make keeping up with Charlee's photos a breeze. You want a free book???
use this code


Happy Friday Lovies!
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