Friday, November 30, 2012

Come on you know you wanna...

Maybe you've seen the occasional tweet that says...... 


This started a few weeks ago over on Jen's blog.

And then, we had the brilliant idea that, you know what?

Sometimes a girl just needs to brag.

There are link ups for just about everything else amIright?

So, in a blogworld joining of forces with Jen at That's What She Read, Jess at Tooth N Nails, and Mallory at From California To Kansas we will be hosting a new link up every Monday!

We are so excited about it, we hope you'll join us in #BragAboutIt!

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From California To Kansas

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend recap and a few house pics!

I know it's Monday and nobody wants to go to work today!!! So call out!

My 5 day vacation started last Wednesday and it was NEEED-ED. First off let me show you what I came home to! 

My giveaway from Taylor over at Goings on in Texas arrived. Seriously, 4 Essie polishes and hound stooth scarf and a $15 dollar gift card to Starbs. This girl is giving!!! She has giveaways all of the time on her blog and others, so go check her out NOW.

I actually feel like it's harder to go back to work after Thanksgiving than after Christmas. I don't know what hell is up with that. 
My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year and she did a fabulous job! 

And let's just talk about the edible and delicious home made pumpkin pie and turkey that I made. All. by. myself. I'm and no longer a turkey virgin.

I stuffed that bird so hard.

Since I'm the new Martha Stewart and our upstairs in almost done, I've been painting like a mofo. As I am typing this my hands are still covered in paint from yesterday. Sneak peak of one of the bedrooms upstairs..........(the walls are nakey so bare with me)

 This dresser was my brothers. His father recently gave it to me for sentimental purposes. It is maple and it had a shiny finish. After beating the shit out of it distressing it, painting it and staining it, this is the finished product. 
I'm in love!

This will be my moms room. NO, she doesn't live with  me. But occasionally on the weekends we have a girls night and stay up all night drinking wine sewing, she lives close enough away to just crash here. 
There are 2 more bedrooms upstairs and a bath, once those are done I will gladly share pics!!

  And just because I'm not tweeting about wine lately, doesn't mean I'm not drinking it. This was my little beverage station yesterday while painting the ceiling in the office.

 And if you don't follow me on instagram, you should! Because you missed this little set up yesterday.

 "Sssshhh, don't tell the bitch, but it's Christmas season"

Happy Monday Betches!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Giveaway and a Photo Shoot

With my black Friday shopping deals still fresh on my mind, I'm feeling give-awayie. 

My sister and I go out every year and tear up the stores. I always find great deals for the people on my Christmas list, but also for myself. Over the last few years we learned that it doesn't make any sense to get up at the ass crack of dawn to shop. All of the deals are usually good though out the entire day! Plus when you get up at 4 am to go shopping, your ready for wine by 10 am and ain't nobody serving wine at 10 am. Unless you swing by your house en route and have a glass like we did.

 The hubs joined in and cyber shopped this year!!
 So just to inform you on a few of his great cyber deals, let's talk about the queen size matress for $99 that was delivered today FO FREE and the 32 inch LCD TV from Best Buy WITH the wall mount for $201.

With the gift of giving in the air, I'm going to be giving away 4 of my Burlap Ornaments from my Etsy shop, Dancing Chic to Chic
Your choice of brown burlap or the off white!!! 

 I'm am offering free shipping on all ornaments orders through Monday! 

In other news there was also a
Christmas card photo shoot at my house this morning.

I ordered Christmas Cards from Vistaprint using this great pic!
 As you can see neither one of them is impressed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

1 day work week and Dancing Chic to Chic

Move over Martha Stewart because with the holidays coming, I have become an ornament making machine. And what goes better with crafting?  WINE! So I put the two things together that I can't get enough of and BAM!!!  It's like a sweat shop in my house but with bountiful amounts of vino! And after numerous hours of crafting it is accompanied with incoherent mumbling. 

I've decided to open up an ETSY SHOP!!
I am a master at DIY projects and I've decided to share. Ok, well not all projects but after you make a hundred of the same thing, your confidence goes through the roof.
Although the shop only has customized window frames and ornaments right now, I plan on expanding with all things burlap and rustic! 

So Welcome to the Grand Opening Of....

Feel free to stop on by and check it out. I'll update you on the new items once my fingertips have healed from the second degree burns. Damn glue gun!

Right now, these are the items that I have listed. 
Stephanie over at Beautiful Mess has Pinspired me and I'm going with it.

These are a few pictures of the ornaments!!!

Cute little suckers aren't they? The Gizmo looking one is my favorite!

I will also be customizing these great window frames. I've been dying to blog about this but it was for my best friend and her hubs and I had to wait until I gave it to them. (she reads le blog)
We have our own one and it's great because it can be used for interchangeable pictures or bills and to do lists. I will be using mine this season to hold Christmas cards.

What? Not good enough news?! ........fine...............

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Happy Monday lovelies!!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dog Shaming

If you have not seen this website, I want to smack you. Just when your day has gone to shit and you think nothing can make it better..............Dog Shaming

image via
It's exactly what it sounds like!!! I  know when I'm having a bad day, I walk in the house pissed off and then see the sweet faces that await me... My pups!!!  Even if they've done some ridiculously bad, I can't stay mad. Unlike our friends, family, and coworkers that at certain times through out our life, we just take one more minute of!
This site is contagious and here are some of my favorites!!

via dogshaming

via dogshaming. My pom is a turd kicker 

via dogshaming

via dogshaming

via dogshaming
The little pervert panty stealer is my favorite 

Last mutt, not least (you like that play on words huh?) Please watch this until the end, it's only a minute and a half long and TOTALLY worth the last clip.

And these last two are additions from my own two little fuzzy turd balls!!!
"I was gated on the deck, where else was I supposed to bury my bone?"

 "My parents were gone too long so I ate a $40 decorative pillow"

Happy Tuesday Betches!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Making all Wine-ho's "Happeh Happeh Happeh!"

BOOO, I know it's a Monday. 
But "Yay" Monday is only two days away from Wednesday.
What's the big deal about Wednesday you ask me.
Your kidding me right?


 If you follow me on twitter or have read at least one post on my blog, you will know that I am having affair  with wine. And also with five other women! Wine-hos!
Ha!!! I have met some great gals via twitter/blogging that I love spending Humpday with (yes Humpday gets a capital H). Why these 5 great gals? 
 Because we drink wine together!! 
Feeling full of the Thanksgiving spirit, and because we love our little wine-ho family, we have THE BEST Giveaway happening right meow!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fridays letters

Dear work week, thank the eff god your over.

Dear delta dental, spanks for paying me. Now I can go get my sexy on!

Dear hair, your welcome!

Dear husband, I'm sorry if I wish for your back to not get better. I likey you home. Sorry not sorry.

Dear green smoothie, high five to some regulation up in this piece!

Dear braxtronlife and goings on in Texas, I'm so excited to get my winnings!! Great giveaway, a scarf, Essie polish and Starbs! Maybe now I can get into "the red cup" cult that y'all been Instagramming. Jk that won't happen :)

Dear weekend, lets do the damn thing!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My November Goal list

 Because the holidays are right around the corner, I'm sharing my goal/to do list for the month of November with you. Not because I think you'll care and sure as hell not because I care if you know about it but,
it is the only way that I will feel obligated to fulfill these goals or at least feel accountable (since storing them in my iphone doesn't mean jack). Lately the list just keeps getting longer, my car is turning in to a dump truck and my liver wants to punch me in the face.

First and foremost, I have been exhausted. lately. It doesn't matter if I get 10 hours of sleep or 14. I wake up tired. On work nights, I want to be in bed by 10:45, the latest. Since work nights only happen three days a week, this should be a very attainable goal.

NUMBER 2. I'm trading coffee in for hot lemon water. I've read some great benefits to this including making your digestive system regular. Who doesn't need a little regularity? This does not mean that I wont be drinking coffee at all. Some mornings I just can't deal. 

I will also be adding a green smoothie to my diet. Every morning I blend 1 apple, 2 celery stalks, 1 head of romaine lettuce, 3 cups of spinach, 1 banana, 1 1/2 cups of water and 2 tbs of lemon juice. I've done this in the past and it's a great way to get in fruits and veggies. BONUS, it makes your skin look great and also helps with "the getting regular" goal.

Clean my car. For some reason, I think that it's okay to live out of my vehicle. I've learned that whether I drive a Caddy or a Kia, I still pack the crap in it. There is always a few changes of clothes, lottery tickets (losers), bills, empty water bottles, gym bag, chapsticks, shoes, bobbypins and trash in my vee-heh-cul.
It's not like I even have an on the road job for Christ sake (capital C for you Christ lovers). Which brings me to my next goal.

Make some time for Big J. 
  Yeah, I say my nightly prayers but my butt should be heading to church a few times this holiday season. I feel thankful for some much this year and I'm going to tell him about it.

MY POOR ENDS. I swear this morning I heard the ends of my hair screaming as I was stretching it out   with the round brush. I need a hair appointment and I WILL do this before the end of November. 

The last two goals of mine are a figment of my imagination. 

Lay of the sauce
Stay out of the stores
This will only stop upon Apocalypse. So that still gives me 8 weeks to get fooshnickered and wear sassy shoes while doing it. It also gives me 8 weeks to get high and tight with JC too.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Shoes, booze and Kiki La Rue

Ooooooooh First weekend of November came and went! *PHOTO OVERLOAD POST
  Friday was The BEST mail day Ever!!! Every year, I always want to get dressed up for NYE and then end up having no place fancy to go. I ordered my fancy pants dress early this year in hopes that I will make a definitive plan for New Years. Sooo, the gold dress from Kiki la Rue came in and ...
I know right! It's friggin gorg!!! That being said my Friday only got better. Date night plus one. My sister's husband works for the electric company as a Lineman and he has been sent to Connecticut to help them with their power outages from that betch Sandy, in turn we adopted her for the night. 

I apologize for the poor quality here.


Due to Friday night's lengthy after dinner activities, Saturday was a very low key day. It was however, a perfect fall day for a fire, a few beers and some fishing.
bonus to Kiki La Rue...........pfst the koozie

Since the hubs is still out of work due to his bulging discs and the Patriots had a by week, Sunday WE went shopping. I swear to you that my husband is not a homosexual. Yes he has been my hair stylist numerous times, he cooks, cleans, and dressed up as a pregnant woman for Halloween, but he is very Manly and I think he is the Jack of all trades. With this being said, we went to TJ mAxx, The Christmas Tree Shoppe, LL Bean Outlet, JC Penny, Famous footwear,  Ocean State Job lot and two cutesty little country stores in my neck of the hood. 

What did we buy? 
for all you "it's a little early for that" people, ignore this photo and the next 2.

 Tj Maxx Score

 Christmas Tree Shoppe
 This picture is a HUGE deal. I had $20 in DSW rewards and I let the hubs use it. I think giving a kidney away would have been easier for me.

 Moose courduroy wallet for 4.99 from LL. Don't mind if I do.

I saw this little mug on instagram and I looooooooooved it. Online it was $20.00
My cost.........$4.99

Car pic

Wrap up. Lets talk about day light savings time. I loved the fact that I could sleep until 10 but it was really 9 and I didn't waste the morning. I hated the fact that 7:30pm felt like 11:30pm. My appetite was also unsatisfiable. I'm thinking that may have to do with hibernation.
Way to eff with me Old Man Winter. Good times....


Friday, November 2, 2012

Fridays letters

Dear Delta Dental, please process my claims as I have not been paid by you for 10 weeks. Some serious depression is going in in this girls bank account. Let alone the cramp that It has put on my shopping.

Dear hair. Please forgive me for my negligence. Guadalupe was all annoyed the last time he colored you, so I will be going to the salon soon. Granted he is for free, he is a moody diva. Once letter one is answered, I will call the hair fairy.

Dear November. Welcome.

Dear Kiki la Rue, I'm so excited that we have fell in love and I am overly anxious to get my champagne glitter dress today! New addiction.

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