Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cake Batter Waffle Cookies

These are the easiest dessert/snack that you will EVER make!!!

First, buy a regular box of cake mix. Any kind that you like. Prepare as directed. I added some sprinkles to my batter. I love funfetti.
Next, make sure that your waffle iron is hot. Mine has a green indicator light that lets me know that it's ready to cook. I kept it on medium heat.
Pam your iron. Please use baking Pam and not Original. You will definitely notice a different in the taste. Original Pam tastes like oil while baking Pam is a bit sweeter.
Spoon SMALL scoops of batter on to the waffle maker. Emphasis on SMALL. Make sure that these are small scoops or you will have one big full size waffle cookie and a mess all over the counter. 
Close the lid and cook for about 2 minutes. Once again, my waffle maker tells me when the cookies are done.
One box of cake mix makes a ton of cookies. I just kept making them and placing them on a cooling rack. 
After making all of your cookies, let them cool for a bit. 
I then frosted mine because everything is better with frosting (this last comment would have normally said "everything is better with wine", but you know the circumstances). 
We ate these for about 2 days.
 I even left them out overnight on the counter and they got even crunchier! Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Front Wedgie

Friday night was Josh's Birthday night out. I had been needing to get a few maternity shirts now that this bump is growing and I didn't want big flowy ones either. So I went to Target and they have fitted, kind of rouged, semi cute tops. I grabbed two of them.
 I had about 7 baby clearance items in my carriage that were totaling about 15 bucks also
. Josh checked out our stuff because I had to pee, for the second time in Target, within a 20 minutes span. I am requesting a colostomy bag/catheter.
I met him at the exit doors and he said 
"$65 BUCKS?! I thought that all of those items were on clearance??"
I looked at the receipt and even after my 5% RED card savings, those shirts were damn near $25 dollars a piece. A PIECE. These are plain old long sleeve tops with some elastic in the sides for your belly.
 #1. Pregnancy is expensive.

We get home that night and I'm getting dressed to go out. At this point my hair is done, my heels are on and so are my leggings. I walk out of the bathroom to get my new Target Couture Shirt and walk by the mirror. Naturally, I stand side ways to see how the bump looks and then turn forward to check out my boobs my hair. Well, GASP!!!! Because to my surprise, I had the meanest camel toe happening on the block! 
What happens is as your belly grows, your leggings don't stay up OR they hug you in the middle of your belly and give you the double belly look (like when your demi cup on your bra is too small and your spilling out of it, but this is a whole other topic....)  so at this point, the only way to fix this issue is to hike up those leggings so that they come up over your belly button. Result- no more double gut, but now your packing a camel toe. Thank God maternity tops are long enough and covered that shit right up. On Sunday I ventured out and bought some maternity leggings. 2 Pairs for $47...... pricey but I'll take that over puffy taco. 
#2. Being a pregnancy fashionista is full of surprises.

For years I've spent tons of money of bras. I am a loyal Victoria Secrets customer. At this point, I'm pretty sure that the amount of money that I've spent in bra's could have paid for a boob job.
I always buy the demi bra that has the two straps. It's got great support and padding and doesn't put your girls under your chin like the Bombshell does. 
Finally at 33 years old, the titty fairy comes. About 5 weeks into my pregnancy, I get these amazing boobs! I'm talking porn star, people pay for these, stripper boobs. However, I have been restricted to sports bras for about 6 months now due to the vulumptous-ness of these blessings in disguise. My current bra's give me the double bubble line and look horrible, and needless to say my areola plays peekaboo. No Bueno.
#3 Bigger is not always better.

Acid reflux, sleep disturbances from your bladder, hormonal headaches and being out of breath like a fat kid, I can handle. Camel Toe?
I just can't.

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday


Absolutely drooling over this custom headboard that the hubs fabricated. Best part, it didn't cost a penny! It was all things that my husband hoards we had around the house!!!
I need to find the perfect duvet cover for it and our guest room will be complete!!!

I highly suggest that if you ever get pregnant, DO NOT FIND OUT THE GENDER. It will break your bank.! I will admit though, that I am doing really good with clearance and sale items!!!
The polka dotted denim jeans, pink chucks, and doe onesie...I die! 
Mama is growing! I need to give this baby a nickname. She is like a ninja in there!!! I'm taking suggestions! 
I saw these at Target today and HAD to get them. If you've been reading along, you already know that I've traded wine for sweets. Fair trade....most days (and yes, I remember that I still need to post the recipe on the waffle cookies!)

Looking forward to this snow free weekend. It is going to be 50!!!! I REPEAT 50!!
Josh turned a non-discloseable age on Wednesday so we are going out tonight with a group of friends for Chinese food to celebrate. We go to the same place every year however this year I will not be part taking in the Scorpion Bowl activities....meh. 
Happy Friday! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bittersweet Valentines Day

Oh Valentines Day, how do I love thee?
Josh definitely went big this year and actually got me everything on my little blog wish list.
Totally a benefit to having a blog is being able to hint or straight out demand what you want for holidays, birthdays etc. I'm assuming this is the last year that anything will most likely be exchanged for Valentines Day, other than flowers and dinner, due to the new addition. 
I also woke up to a new iphone case on my phone, a MK watch under my throw blankets and the bullet earrings on the coffee table! Swoon. 
His version....
Vintage pickup birdhouse, whiskey, sangria, and a LL Bean gift card! 
Friday afternoon was mom's follow up appointment for her wire biopsy. The doc said that the  results were "atypical" and that she needs a different type of biopsy. In 2 weeks she will have a needle biopsy and everything and anything done after that will be in Boston. Please keep those prayers coming and thank you so much to many of you, for reaching out and touching base with me during this tough time. 

Saturday was a venture out snow day. We were hit with another 10 inches! However, when you live in New England, a blizzard doesn't really stop your from driving an hour away to go to an AMAZING Pottery barn. Also when you have a husband who has driven a tanker filled with jet fuel through sandstorms at 60 miles an hour with no visibility in Iraq, daily, your know your in good hands.
I also think that I had an orgasmic cupcake this weekend. Since I can't have wine, I have indulged in sweets. If you can't drink the calories you mind as well eat them!
This cupcake was from The Crumb Factory. Boston Creme cupcake in all its yummi-ness.
Sunday was a lazy day. I cuddled with this pretty girl and failed at trying to get a kiss pic.
 Needless to say after 4 dog cookies in my mouth to try to get a cute pic, I gave up.
And to finish off our weekend we watched 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black (which I highly recommend) made a chicken pot pie and some waffle cookies!
I'll post the recipe for these delish cake waffle cookies later this week! 
Happy Presidents day! Now go do some online shopping!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby C's Nursery Sneak Peak

Now that we know Baby Casey is a girl, I have been a pinning machine. The nesting has me all giddy to get this nursery up and running! 
The walls in the nursery are a vanilla color and I swear every room in this house has been painted at least twice and I've promised the hubs that I'd leave this room alone. 
We are sticking with the vanilla and adding gray and light pink!
Here are just the beginnings of a few ideas that have become final decisions in her nursery.
 So far we are going with a simple farmhouse theme to coincide with the rest of our style! I will be adding little pink pops here and there. I purchased a Bla Bla Doll for my best friend's new baby and I became obsessed with them. We have chosen "Claire the Cow".

The nursery furniture is Million Dollar Baby and the weathered gray color will be the perfect touch for a somewhat distressed but classy finished look.

My wallet is also empty due to Zulily. I found the gray wool rug on there last week and bought it asap. I get emails from them every morning, letting me know new adorable items are for sale! I adore anything that is directly linked to my paypal account. If I have to get my ass off the couch to get a credit card to pay for something.... I ain't buying it. 

This bedroom has two closets that "had" bi-folding doors on them. They have since been removed. I have requested that one of the closets be set up with shelving like this...
 I think it will be a good spot for eclectic toys and books. And if we have enough room under the last shelf, it could fit a toy chest or storage baskets for quick pick-ups.

And the other closet will be a totally custom amaze-balls project that I am keeping a secret until the baby daddy gets it completed.

Finally my continual poorness will most likely grow due to Baby Gap's  Paddington Bear Line. OMG, the stuff is so cute!!!
1// 2// 3// 4// 5
 More updates to come soon! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

5 On Friday Valentine's Edition

I've decided to throw a curve ball on this link up. Rule breaker right here.

 I know Valentine's Day is this cheesy holiday for most of you but I thoroughly enjoy having an entire day dedicated to nonsense, lovey mush. People say Valentine's day is dumb or "we celebrate our love everyday" barf. Marriage is not easy, so to have an extra day to make you realize you've got something good, doesn't hurt anyone. Except in this husbands wallet.
 Floral Vintage Iphone case /// MK Watch /// Grey Chucks /// Bullet Earrings /// Clarisonic Mia
What's on your V-day List?
Happy Friday Lovelies!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gender Reveal Party!

A lot of you already knew that our gender reveal party was this past Sunday. 

  Just to make things clear, we had our ultrasound on Friday and the tech wrote the gender down on a piece of paper, stuffed it in a sealed envelope and off to the baker we went. LONGEST drive of my life (honestly the baker is 500 feet from the Dr's office) and the envelope was burning a hole in my hand!! 
People thought that it was crazy that we wanted to find out at the same time as everyone else. We have a great group of close friends and a tight  knit family so we thought what better way to bring all of our besties together than a gender reveal brunch! 
Cake Topper Etsy
Pink and Blue Puffs from Michaels, Martha Stewart

Ham, Brunch Cups, Egg and Sausage bake and Mimosas with strawberry and peach puree was served!
We wanted to wait until after we ate to cut the cake. Why we were torturing our selves even more, I have no idea!!!!

Josh has wanted a baby girl for as long as I can remember! I was happy either way but of course glitter and tutus and pink make any girl even happier!
 And naturally at any party, celebratory shots are a must!!!
Our weekend has come to end, so happy work week loves and stay warm!

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