Friday, May 24, 2013

Bedroom Eyes with Firmoo

A few months ago, I decided to jump on the Firmoo bandwagon and
I am so glad that I did. Firmoo contacted me and sent me the glasses of my choice, for free!...............................

I do not have an astigmatism
 I do not need glasses for any vision impairment reasons at all
I have 20/20 vision

My Firmoo glasses were supposed to be for bedroom use only.

Call it roll playing if you want.
Hot for Teacher
Naughty Secretary
Horny Hermoine (from Harry Potter of course)

Except my glasses never really got much of that action.
Instead, I found another use for them.
I wear them at work as safety glasses. So,
no handcuffs, no edible undies, no ruler spankings just drool, Novocaine and oral hygiene instructions.

Recently as I was leaving the house to go to work, and I was reprimanded by J for letting these glasses get more work action and less bedroom action. I defended myself with fancy words like universal precautions and blood born pathogens, but he wasn't having any of it. 

Bottom line, whether you need glasses for work, play or for actual aid in vision impairment Firmoo
is the place for one stop shopping! They offer free glasses (prescriptions too) with just a shipping charge!   
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

SPDL At Home Shellac

Expensive Shellac manicures have been an ongoing argument in my house. I'm not allowed to do them during football season because I just peel it off while watching the Patriots! 
But it also seems that any other time, I'm always busted for picking it off lol.
 Original Pin
So instead of paying $40 for a manicure and Shellac that I just peel off in 7 days, I decided to buy the necessities and do it at home. Investment opportunist!
I bought the light and the power cord at Sallys for around $30. The light it self was on sale for $18 and I had a $5 off coupon and the cashiers gave me 20% off my total! (They sell the power cord separately...weird)
I bought the goods at Sally's as well. They carry the brand "Gelish", which has a great selection of colors.

Here is what you will need.
-Foundation paint
-A petal for your thoughts (color)
-Top coat paint
-orange wood stick
-rubbing alcohol

Here's the DIY
1. Give your self a little mani/pedi
2. Wipe your nails down with Alcohol
     3. Paint on the foundation, make sure you get the very tippity tips of your nails and keep it off of the skin! 
4. Cure it (1 minute)
  5. This next step is super important. Re wipe your toes with the alcohol pad. The foundation will still be slightly tacky.
6. Paint the color of your choice with the same technique as the foundation!
 7. Cure now for 3 minutes. (darker colors are 3 minutes and lighter colors are only 2)
8. Top Coat paint time with using same technique
 9. Cure for another 3 minutes
10. Polish up toes with a heavily soaked alcohol swab and VIOLA
Just be careful not to bump your toes under the light like me. This light isn't the great for pedi's but it's awesome for shellac manicures.
*Make sure that you have wine for this project. It takes about 1 hour to complete.

There is a great cheat sheet on the back of the Gelish light box and a "how to" manual at Sallys that is free when you buy the products! 
  It's also in a few languages
 Check me out on instagram for some shellac manicure pics! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fun Times Shenanigans!!!

Finally a real blog post!!! I swore to myself that I would blog this week and get back to a yeast-free diet too. My vacation had me consuming copious amounts of fruity cocktails and carbohydrates, but hey that's what vacation is about right? 
This post may be a photo dump....

I bought these beauties on Friday
Friday we had Tex/Mex night with friends. I have 1 picture of this because I feel like the damn paparazzi when I'm around people. I'm the only one in my group of friends that blog and I'm pretty sure that they think I'm wacky.

Saturday I had the house to myself for a few hours. I Got in an hour of cardio and then I enjoyed 4 episodes of Chuck Bass, sauvignon blanc, cheese and crackers!

Saturday night we went out on a double date to this place called "The Cabin". It's our new favorite spot to eat. Not a great atmosphere but great food. And apparently we didn't eat enough because on the way home, we bought this sucker from 7/11. It was either a $1 a slice of $7 for a whole FRESH pizza. This baby cooked in 90 seconds (hence why I'm going back to my diet).


Sunday funday as usual!!! I made frozen strawberry daiquiris and we invited my mom over for a mini cookout. We played some cornhole/baggo and I took her for her first ride on the quad!!!

 Me and J
Love these two!
My little man, totally exahausted and sleeping sitting up
 Mr. Incredible
 Dangerous Daiquiris!!!!
 Apparently Graycie likes vodka/soda.
redneck sundays!
 Mom's first quad ride. I'm telling you right now, her hands may be up in the air as if she is enjoying it but I've never heard more swear words come out of her mouth before!!! lol!
 I also think that my breasts are damaged for life as she refused to hold around my waste! 

Josh goes to see another back specialist today, positive vibes and thoughts wanted! 
So what did you do this weekend???

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are you Twerking today?

Thank you all for being so patient and desperately awaiting my return to blog world! Bahahah! 
 Our vacation was amazing and has made me quite lazy in all aspects of my life right now! I need to get out of vacation mode!
I will be back in full effect next week for link ups and a vaca recap!
But for now I'll leave you with this....
Caution* If you do not want to catch yourself singing "Twerking by the Batteries" all day, do not watch this.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

E X P O S E D - Northern Belle edition

Hey peeps. I'm Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries and I am taking over Jess' blog for the day. 

Jess is in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the week. When she asked me to guest post, I thought, "duh!" When she asked me to EXPOSE myself...I was a little nervous. You never know with Jess :)
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
I hope she is on a beach nicer than this, getting the locals to chop down coconuts for her.

Fresh coconut water + rum is something EVERYONE needs to experience at least once! Swim up bar, too!
My family actually is from the Dominican Republic. And while Jess is probably enjoying her coconuts on the beach right now, (literally) I am here to share with you some of MY pictures from trips from ages none other but the Dominican Republic.

In 2008 my husband (then boyfriend) and I, along with my parents, traveled to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to enjoy some beach time. It is a FAR cry from the roads you take to go to where my parents grew up:
Mountains of Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Puerto Plata is much much nicer (not as nice as Punta Cana) but it is littered with tons of beach resorts. Here we are one of the first nights there. Man, we look like babies.

Circa August 2008
This was actually the magical night we got engaged. YES! Engaged! We took a moonlit stroll on the beach while my parents enjoyed the outdoor concert. I'll never forget it. I can still remember seeing the little shell crabs running sideways into the shadows. And....the couple having sex on the beach. Yeah. That happened. Jess, you and Josh should be THAT couple enjoying the beach! ;)

I can still here the tamboras (drums) and guirras of Dominican Republic. I wanna go back! Visit Northern Belle Diaries and say hi sometime. You can also catch me on Twitter and Instagram!

Now it's time to EXPOSE yourself! Rather, expose anyone guest posting on YOUR blog! Grab the button, place it in your guest's post, and link up here. Capish?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hallie takes over Tooth N' Nails for a day!

Hey Y'all I am Hallie, I blog over at my little spot Life:Oceanside
While Jess is off having a sunny vaycay, getting her tan on, and HOPEFULLY taking her body up on it's fertile time of the month, she was sweet enough to let me borrow her blog for the day.

I am not here to give you the low down on how to make the coolest new DIY, because well I never document what I make because I just throw random stuff together and hope for the best.

I am not going to give you the recipe for my new favorite dish, because even though I am a newlywed with tons of new kitchen utensils, I can't cook.

I am here to highlight something that well you obviously love, or you probably wouldn't be here. Jess.

You know Jess from her point of view, but let me show you how awesome she is from mine.

How did I find Jess, and Tooth N Nails?
 A couple of my blogger besties, Ms. Brie & Ms. Nikki were always like "Jess this, Jess that" and I was like umm. I have no idea who this is, and they were like "DON'T YOU READ TOOTH N NAILS?!?!?" or "follow ARMYWIFE80 on instagram!"
and I was like no, but obviously I should be, and than I did, and it was probably one of my better life decisions.

Now it's easy to follow a blog, but what kept me coming back?
 Well first off she is hilarious,  second she is gorgeous ( I personally would rather look at the pretty things in life) and third, I am obsessed with her dogs. You'll find that out about me if you care to know, I would own every dog in the world if it was humanly possible, so if you are a dog lover, we are already best friends.

There are a like a bazillion reasons to obviously love Jess but those are obviously my favorites, oh and her scrumptious recipes that I can never make, make me love/envy her. I just stare in awe and pretend I can be as awesome as her.

What is my FAVORITE thing about Jess?
Her bawlsy look on life. This girl drove multiple hours to have a date in a parking lot with the man of her dreams. That takes heart, and one big set of adventure. Any one who takes a leap of faith is a hero in my book. Don't believe me? She's happily married, sunning in paradise, hopefully in the works of making the most gorgeous babies ever? If you take something from Tooth N Nails take this, a leap of faith, is most likely going to bring you to where you want to be.

So Jump.

So you wanted to know what awesome looks like and now you've seen it.

This gal.

Jess- I hope you are having the best vaycay EVER, cannot wait for the baby announcement in a few months:)


Friday, May 3, 2013


So relationships are a funny thing. Most couples fight about bills, chores and dirty deeds right? Well if that's you, consider your self lucky.

The topic that seems to be an reoccurring issue in my household is regarding T.P.
Toilet Paper

I'm prefacing this with "in my defense". In my defense, I have been ill for the last two weeks. And not just a flu. Bodily fluid, snot, phlegm etc. The kind of sick where I contemplated ripping my nose off of my face just to set it in the sink to drip. I may have indulged more than usual in the TP department because
I NEVER buy tissues, ever.
 I have caught my self on numerous occasions reaching for the tissues on the back of the toilet, instead of replacing the toilet paper roll
I am also the girl who leaves a single "slice" on the roll.
I use the word "slice" because my husband has imbedded this into my vocabulary in regards to toilet paper usage.

Apparently, over the last week I have used a roll of toilet paper every day. I'm 100% positive that he is mother-goosing this a little bit.
Last night the issue of my TP usage was brought up at dinner. DINNER!!! We were sitting at the bar, so maybe this is appropriate conversation.
I was told that I use too many slices ie; squares.
He said that he has watched me "bee-hive" my hand before and just do a little "dab dab".   

#1 Why is he watching me?
#2 Why do I not realize he is watching me?
#3 You know exactly what he means when he said "bee-hive".
#4 Dab is not a bathroom word. EVER

I had to explain to Josh, why I use so much T.P.
I'm not going to elaborate on this.
I'm pretty sure he was online last night looking for a single, slice, toilet paper dispenser. And if he could, he's find one that would charge me a quarter per slice!
This over-usage topic has come up before.  I use a shit ton of paper towels when I clean the house and I try to burn them in the fire place before he sees them. Last year, I comprised an over-usage issue by washing out ziploc baggies and reusing them. 
He has actually taken a paper towel out of the trash because, its "barely been used". I stopped that shit right quick! (now you know why I burn them).

No, my hubs is not an obsessive pro-green, save the earth, hippie (don't be offended) and we have no issues financially affording paper products.
He is just your every day Toilet Paper Nazi.
So be happy that your man is mad that you bought too much MAC. Or that you sat on your ass watching Housewives Something-or-other and didn't cook or clean. 
Your lucky Bitches!   

  I'll be heading to Punta Cana tomorrow for a week and I have a few great girls taking over my blog!
I'll miss all ya'll faces as I get my baby making tan on.
Please ignore my tweets tomorrow. I will be at the airport entertaining a xanax and bloody mary cocktail.

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