Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Nail Files Link up

I haven't linked up in a while for the #nailfiles but when I saw Tara's tweet about sharing your Christmas nails, I that I needed to link up.
I love glitter and the holidays, but I'm not much of a red girl.  I picked up these two beauts last night at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Chine Glaze in Liquid Leather and Finger Paints Glitter top coat.

I love it, except I painted these this morning and didn't allow any dry time. Whoops.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Anxiety and Weekend recap

With Christmas being only 8 days away, I'm feeling rushed but accomplished. If you follow me on twitter and instagram,  you will see that we have been up to our throats in house projects. Finally, after this past weekend our house is a home. Every room is freshly painted, slate and hickory wood floors are through out. Shabby chic mixed with vintage and random punches of color are on the walls.
Now awaits the finishing touches. We need rugs in all 3 bedrooms up stairs. Doo dads and antique nicknacks for shelves. You know, the kind of stuff that ads up.....I have contemplated draining our saving and just finishing everything, but then we'd be po' and that ain't happening lol.
My presents are wrapped and under the tree, but I still feel unprepared. I don't think I've ever felt prepared for the holidays. I'm excited to host Christmas eve this year at our home! However, that entails cooking and baking and cleaning. I'm trying to just relax and roll with it but it's tough for me.

This weekend was a busy but fun one. Thursday night was date night and the hubs and I took my mom with us for sushi! She just started eating it and loves it! I also came home to this after dinner.
 Sugar lines! I died!!! Totally inappropriate, but hey we don't have any kids yet :)

Friday, I was a cleaning machine. I cleaned our house and then cooked delicious cranberry chutney glazed pork chops! Well the hubs said it was delicous, I don't like pork, so I had grilled cheese :)

Saturday, I woke up to this.
 It's a moment like this that makes me take a picture of him. I wonder what he's seen and been through while deployed. But when I see him sleeping soundly like this, he's safe, he's home and he's mine.
 However, my phone was not on silent and I didn't know the flash was on, so lets just say husbands were pissed. LOL.

My sister and I tackled the upstairs for 4 hours on Saturday. We organized and cleaned up all the construction mess and headed to her house later that night for a clam boil. 
Sunday, was a day of rest until around 5 when we decided to go get chinese food. Which ended up turning in to 2 scorpion bowls and numerous glasses of wine at  The Ice Chest, while watching the PATS LOSE! Needless to say I woke up feeling like this...

The Patriots are forgiven due to the Town of Newtown stickers that they added to their helmets.

Now to the subject every one is talking about, because you can't not talk about it.
I will be participating in the blogger silence tomorrow in lieu of the Newtown disaster. I cried my eyes out all day on Friday and can't not even put my emotions in to words. I went to Sunday mass with my sister and prayed for these families. I prayed for comfort for them. What has always helped me through was a saying that I heard after my brother passed away and it's also in my nightly prayers. I pray that if any one is having a hard time with losing a loved one to remember that they will meet back up with them in eternal life. One day we will all meet again, and I firmly believe that. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fridays Letters...

Dear Friday, it took you forever to get here this week.

Dear Old Man Winter, lets do the damn thing already. I got these badass boots and I can't even wear them. Get your show on the road already.

 Dear Weekend, This is what we will be doing. mmmmk?

Dear Mal, GIF what?

Dear coffee shop singer .... I am married. I love this song (see above) and your voice and your scruff.  However, what I love even more is the father sitting there with his son, knowing what's going on and not leaving, I love the two dirty girls giggling but mostly the guy behind you whom keeps rubbing his face, not to be confused with the man who is clearly overwhelmed with QVC or porn.

Dear Lisette, you are one BAMF, If any of you would like to read your blog in ruffneck eubonics gansta slang, google your blog in

"Kids Ain't Playin Over Here, Playa"


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bath tub Blog

Everytime that I get in the damn bath, my mind is booming with ideas. Bloggable ideas. Tonight though, I have steam to blow off. So since the day the hubs and I got serious, I have handled the finances. I know what comes in, what goes out and more importantly my wine budget. Now that the hubs has been out of work on comp since August, I keep an eagle eye on the funds.

So yesterday I get the mail. The hubs comp check is in it. I open it and see that it's half the amount as usual aka one week pay. So this morning I asked him to call the claims department and see wtf is going on. So the hubs calls me after he speaks with them. Here is the convo.

Hubs: I spoke with Bill
Me: who?
Hubs: Bill
Me: who's bill?
Hubs: the new guy working on my comp case.
Me: oh did he say why they shorted you a week?
Hubs: Bill thought that it would be better to split it up for us.
Me: Who the eff does Bill think he is? I'm glad he knows what's best in our financial situation. Did you tell him to fix it?
Hubs: No I understand.
Me:??!?! Huh? Ok

What the hell does Bill know?! So either the hubs being out of work is finally getting to me, or some Ebonizer Scrooge is settling in.

And now that I have successfully bubble blogged and managed to not drop my phone in the tub, I'm going to have wine.

To Bill!
Suck it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

#BragABoutIt Monday Part Deux

From California To Kansas
It's Monday and it's time to brag people!!!

 First off, I have won 3 giveaways in like a month! I know right? I think it's because I've stopped playing Keno. My most recent exciting bloggy things was receiving my Secret Santa prize!!! My secret Santa was Jessica over at Healthy Mommy- Healthy Baby. Go check her out, your mouth will literally water while reading her blog. And my prize was.................
A Starbucks Gift Card!

And yes I went out and got one that next morning!!! Thanks Jessica!!!

Next braggy thing......I may just have the best husband EVER!! I wanted to get some pics this weekend of our Christmas Festivities. So After I got all warmed up with my camera.....#selfie
(glitter turleneck? don't mind if I do)

I greeted the hubs walking out of the bedroom with  my camera. I'm going to set this seen up for you.....
Think Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" playing,
think swag walking and turning around with a hip pose, think of me flipping the camera every which way, squatting and saying work it......Yes this happened...


As you can clearly see, at the beginning he is laughing and thinks that I am ridiculous but in the end, HE LOVES IT!

After this nonsense we grabbed lunch and our tree. It was Sister Saturday and because I have the best one around, she let us take HER car and strap a tree to it. Let alone we also had a rotty, a great dane and my little guy in it with her in the back!!! It was cray cray.

 Our house is semi decorated so I will hopefully have pics next week for you. Our living room has a Cathedral ceiling that is open to the staircase. It's a perfect spot for a gargantuan Christmas tree.

Oh, I slipped this little last one in for you Josh, I would like this for Christmas. Kaitlyn Cardigan size small please. Also, I would like a craft table, a massage from Gloria and company, and the glitter Jessica Simpson bag at Tj maxx. I will honestly settle for just the craft table, and you know this man!.

I'm done bragging for today, and I did have a fabulous weekend!!!!
Let's here what youuuuu did! Grab the button and link up!!!
--> Mallory Thibodeaux 10:26 AM (4 minutes ago) to me

Monday, December 3, 2012

#Bragaboutit Goes Live

 Today is going to be your favorite day of the week from here on forward! (Well favorite day to blog, cause we all know Friday is the ish)

The idea? Brag! Come on we all write blogs to gently expose our accomplishments or get support for the lack their of. Seriously, You get to brag about whatever you want, and do it with out judgment? Yahtzee!

So grab a button and link up today with me, Jen at That's What She Read , and Mal at From California to Kansas and #bragaboutit ! And don't get all shy and act like you ain't got one thing to gloat about! So either losen up with an alcoholic beverage or just man up and splurge! Still don't get it?.. Ok ok, I'll go first!

Remember my Novemer goal list ?

Earlier bed time? Me and melatonin, we got it on! *despite the fact that Dr Oz informed me that it can also make you a crazy betch, I will still be taking it but only 1mg. I got enough cray cray to go around already and I do not need help in this department.

(Just bragged about being crazy. See how easy it is?)

Hot lemon water and green smoothies? Check

Go to church and tell JC how thankful I am? Check

Got my hair did? This is hair is ready to rock!

Stop buying shoes and drinking wine? Hells no, I ain't no quitter! Don't judge me.

Lastly I won a monogrammed sticker from the Northern Belle Diaries, go check out the etsy shop. And once I put it on something, I'll post a pic and brag about that too :).

So grab a button, suck it up and brag. You know you wanna!

Just as a reminder, please be sure to be followers of Jen, Jess, and I and please interact with at least 1 other blogger that is linking up! We want y'all to have fun with this! And of course, tweet your little hearts out, #hashtag masters ;)

From California To Kansas
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