Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Ideas for the Man's Man

Every year I struggle what to get my husband for Christmas. I decided to share some ideas of what to get the manly man.

Big Pine Mountain Spruce Soap. This just screams lumberjack and smells so good. And if you can grab one for the side of your bathroom sink while your at it,  your potty will smell like Christmas trees.
Sorel Caribou Boot. If you live in New England like us, you know that it can be 55 degrees one day and then 29 degrees the next. I did a ton of homework on winter boots last year for myself and settled on the Joan Of Arctic Sorel Boot and I was not disappointed. The quality of their handmade boots is rough and tough and they are built to last.
Custom Made Corn Horn Boards. I don't care if these are out of season to purchase right now. Any guy would love waking up to these on Christmas morning! Cornhole is such a big part of our fall, spring and summer.
Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale. Ok, so a friend brought this over one night and Josh and fell in love. It only comes in a four pack but it tastes soooo good! Think sweet caramel, toffee but with a beer taste.
Campfire Cologne. This is actually pretty funny stuff. Josh found this on Pinterest on some gift list and told me that he wanted it. I googled it and found the site that it is sold on. OMG! This is seriously the best comedic gift to get the man's man. It's not a traditional spray cologne. The box is filled with 12 sticks and a pack of matches. The idea is to set one of these sticks on fire and then waft the smell at yourself. Or you could just fish bowl your car on  your way to work. Anyway I died watching the video but I'm still convinced this is a great stocking stuffer!



  1. Your cornhole link isn't working for me. :( it's showing the JCrew boots. I'd love to know where they're from!

  2. Another thing to add to your list - Carhartt soap! They have hysterical manly quotes on the box, it's huge, and smells like man (and is supposedly heavy duty). I got one for all of the men in my family last year and it was a hit!

  3. Those cornhole boards are too cute and will get a lot of use in the warmer months. The beer sounds delish! He would be very happy to get any of these things, especially the boots. Brrr.

  4. I think my husband is the hardest person to shop for and when I do think I find the perfect gift I never see him use it. This year I went with the Dollar Shave Club. I bought him a razor, before and after shave cream and a gift card to go with it. I also got him another iPhone charger because if he steals mine again and leaves me with no juice he may not make it to 2015!


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