Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My own personal stuff

This is an email that I sent to a friend last night. Mom friends are the best. I have 4 mom friends that I go to for moral support and advice. Two of them are blog friends, one of them is a friend that we met while on vacation in the Dominican and the other one is a true best friend that I've had for years. 
This one that I emailed, recently had her first baby a few months before me. I have emailed her about numerous things from bladder control and anxiety to relationship troubles and oral sex. She has been brutally honest with me and has made me feel "normal" through out my entire pregnancy and postpartum. She is a "to the point" Masshole like myself. She is a blog friend.
I emailed her a few weeks ago asking her how long the postpartum hormones last and how much longer will I not be able to control my urine. Honestly, some days I could cry at a French fry and I pee when I just look at the toilet. Her response wasn't what I wanted to hear but it was honest......she said "it gets easier and just when you think your in a routine and your super mom....a new shit storm will happen all over again"

This was my email.

"Like you said, Just when things get easier.....she forgets how to latch on my boob and my milk supply drops. She has such bad gas that she screams through it, turns purple and I cry. I had a meltdown this morning because I may not be able to breast feed anymore (dramatic). I went out and spent $108 on healthy groceries because I'm sick of eating everything out of a box. I put my own breast milk on my face to help with my postpartum acne (because google said it works) and my husband told me my breath smelled. He also checked my pants last night because he thought I peed the bed when it was just night sweats. Charlee shat herself 3 times today leading to 3 costume changes."

And here is an excerpt of her response and why I love her.

"Seriously, motherhood makes you feel like a bag of smashed assholes. Your hair falls out,  you sweat, your body is a mess, you're exhausted, nothing fits or looks right, your hormones are still insane. We definitely get the short end of this stick.
But... you're rocking this. I know it doesn't feel like it, but you are. She's healthy,  she's thriving, and if everything was going perfect I'd have to hit you out of jealousy (and love) So see? You're really just struggling for me and I really appreciate it! ;) haha"
This is a real example of mothers supporting mothers and when your at your wits end, these little emails make everything ok! 
Thank you to the 4 of you that answer my text messages, correspond to my emails and answer my frantic phone calls. You know who you are :) 

Also, I'm sharing just few pics from yesterday!

First #ootd
Second #ootd
Third #ootd And she peed on this one. 

Happy Hump Day!

*side note- I am no longer in the emotional French fry phase. 


  1. A) I love ya and you can contact me anytime. ANYTIME. :)

    B) Is she in the newborn napper part of the pack n play in that picture? J outgrew that in like a hot second. Maybe the next one will be little instead of a monster. And I really do think she is starting to look a lot more like you!

  2. My son had latch issues. It was very rough for us. He lost 13% of his body weight, my milk supply didn't come in properly and we ended up seeing a lactation consultant for about a month. I had to pump for 15 minutes, after feeding him what I could, while my husband supplemented with formula from syringes :( No one tells you how hard breastfeeding is. Hang in there!

  3. I cannot get enough pictures of her!!! Those pictures make me want to hold her... I miss newborns!!! Beautiful OOTD pictures :)

  4. Mom friends are the best!!! Seriously, since all I am the last to have a kid out of my IRL friends, I wouldn't survive without my Mommy blogger/IG friends!! It's a great to get comedic relief out of all the crap that happens to us. I sent a text to a blogger BFF the other day about peeing my pants EVERY time I cough these days.

    BFing is hard work!!! Mav never truly latched and my milk supply never fully came in. When the day came that I had to fully switch to formula I had a mental breakdown. Mommy life is hard but oh so worth it!!!

  5. yes that lanolin pads are the best things ever, i had a sample of them and when i realized how wonderful they are i went out and bought a whole big box. i was using the washable ones before but i leaked through them every.single.feeding, always ended up with a huge wet spot on the side i wasn't feeding on, not pretty, therefore i didn't want to leave the house for long periods of time that would require me to breastfeed, now the pads are my lifesaver. mommyhood is tough stuff, they suddenly hand you a baby and you are still trying to wrap your head around the fact that it just came out of you via your vag or c-section and i feel like the nurses expect you to know what you are doing and then the hormones, oh the hormones i think i cried every single day of his first month of life, cried because i didn't think my husband was holding the baby enough, cried because well because of the raging, surging hormones. i appreciate you keeping it real mom, keep it real on this blog!

  6. Glad you have people to turn to for advice and to let you know everything you are feeling is totally normal. The second outfit face is too precious!

  7. This is so awesome, I love how we can come together in common situations and group together.
    I hope things get a bit easier, but that it is still an exciting adventure! :)

  8. this whole post should be read by every new mother around the world!!! love it!

  9. Oh this post hit home for me. I know exactly what you are going through and your blog friend's email response no joke brought tears to my eyes. Also, your text about getting kidnapped made me laugh out loud. Like out loud, not just 'lol.' I have that exact thought every time Vince runs into the store and I'm sitting in the back. Because of course the car is running and usually my boob is out trying to feed him so naturally I envision getting car jacked with my boobs flopping all over. Because let's be real, when aren't they flopping all over!


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