Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Long Awaited And Disappointing Marg!

Yesterday is was beee-autifil out! It's been so muggy that we haven't really been going outside! I know, lamesauce right? We decided to head down to the Cape Cos Canal. There is always a breeze there so it makes the humidity more bearable.
This is our first family photo....pathetic lol! 
Charlee slept through the entire thing!

My mail day yesterday was pretty ah-mazing too! So many of you seem to be loving the donut onesie!! I fell in love with it too! I'll be sharing a discount code with you soon! Also I can't wait to share how great the nursing scarf is!!! Nobody wants to see your nips, and this cover does that job of covering everything up! All new moms should have one of these! 

On our way home from the canal, my mom had texted me that she was in the area. I know she  loves watching Charlee and since it was "National Gorgeous Grandma" day yesterday, I thought she should see her grand baby! She came by for 2 hours to babysit while Josh and I went to a local restaraunt that is on the water. For the last 9 months, I had been patiently awaiting this day. Margarita day had finally arrived. I was just as excited as Billy on Nudie Magazine day or when Ralphie got his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin. I had even saved my kimono for this day...
Not really, but you see how important this was.

Well it went like this.........
It was just OK. I don't know if it was all the hype that I put on it, or that it didn't come in an standard margarita glass. At this point I faced the facts and accepted that they don't use those type of glasses here. But then look closely.......
My gosh damn cocktail shrimp came in my margarita glass!!!!!! Talk about ruining my whole celebration! 
So, I had a margarita and a half, some fried pickle chips, shrimps and headed home! It was the perfect amount of time to just get out of the house for a few with just my hubby!
To wrap up my Wednesday, I got the best snap chat ever from Jen over at That's what she read. Unfortunately her son broke both of his arms falling off the playground this week. I can't even imagine. But at least she is making the best of it!!!!

TGIT!! I can't wait for this weekend!!!! 


  1. I found that I had to teach myself to enjoy drinking again. Like, when I first started drinking and alcohol was gross (unless it had so much other stuff in it), I had to do that all over again. I had to re-learn to drink wine... WINE!!!

    PS: Glad you had a fabulous day, minus the confused margarita!

  2. I second the comment above. The first few drinks I had I hated it!!! It was so depressing. No fear - you will be back on the band wagon soon! ha!

  3. I'm sorry your margarita was a let down! I hate it when a margarita comes in anything other than a margarita glass. It just makes things so not festive! I love that "little peanut" onesie. I saw one that said that at Carter's recently, but it looked different and was not nearly as cute!

  4. What a disappointment!! Boo on them. Love the canal, such a great walking/running trail.

  5. When I had my first drink it was like a month or two after I had her and it was a Coors Light and it tasted like ass. hahaha It was so disappointing!

  6. The margarita & shrimp cocktail glass mix up had me dying! I showed the picture to my husband and it took him a second to notice. Too funny! Glad you guys got some mom & dad time :)

  7. LOVE that kimono and Charlee's get ups! Sooo adorable!

  8. Booo for a non-Margarita Margarita! I've had Martini's in non Martini glasses and that sucks! There is always the next one!

  9. this made my day! Making the best of it is the only way to go :) I love that you finally go a marg!!!

  10. That sucks!! That's why I ALWAYS ask how they make their margaritas first. If they use fresh ingredients, I'll always order it, if they use certain sour mixes I will, but if it's all fake mix and nothing special then I usually won't bother. That one would have been better with less mix in the marg glass, but at least you got a great looking shrimp cocktail!

  11. What cute baby clothes and I love that kimono!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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