Friday, July 18, 2014

3 Week Updates.

It's Friday...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!
I honestly don't even know what day of the week it is anymore. 
This week has actually been really good other than the mini breakdown that I had on Wednesday when I broke into my freezer stash of breast milk due to a gassy baby so that I could enjoy 30 minutes of a tub and some wine.  
But all is good in the hood now.

Because I have a shit ton of time on my hands  (newborns sleep between 16-18 hours a day) I find myself shopping on Etsy,  J. Crew, Baby Gap etc. Clearly you don't have to leave the house to spend money.
Lately, I'm in love with all of the knot headbands and baby leggings but not the prices. Seriously, $30 for BABY leggings? No way jose!
So I did some homework last night and found a pattern for leggings and another one for the head bands. They were free. I also ordered some adorable cotton jersey knit prints from
The prints were only $6.50 for a yard. That's two pairs of leggings and two/three headbands! 
I'm in love with these prints. If I'm any good, I'll host  a giveaway :)

Charlee has been doing great with tummy time. Our friend recommended to start this asap. She hated it at the beginning but we are up to 10-15 minutes a day and she's doing great.
She changes every day right now.  Her eyes are open wider, she smiles more, and her little personality is starting to form.   

 She has Josh wrapped around her finger.
 And he sings all kinds of songs to her. It's honesty the cutest thing!
It's hard right now because if you don't have boobs filled with milk, she's not really interested in you. So lately after I feed her, Josh will take her and get his quality (quiet) time in. 
This video went viral this week and received all types of negative remarks. I think that it's adorable and it's soo something that I can see happening in our house!

I've been trying catch as many memories as possible of Josh and Charlotte. I have a ton of pictures of me and my dad that I cherish and I definitely want to capture these adorable moments. Josh on the other hand, sucks at taking photos of her and I. (hint, hint). 

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! It's live until the 21st!
 Rules are HERE

That's all, Happy Weekend Lovers! 


  1. A) How the hell could that adorable video spark any sort of negative comments? It almost makes me want to have a girl... almost :) B) I have like 2 pictures of me and Boomie other than the selfies I take. Alex? Has about a million and they all look great!

  2. How adorable! Hope the headbands and leggings come out, that is expensive. I loved that video, not sure how people can take it negatively!

  3. Such a great idea to make leggings and headbands yourself! I may just have to do that as well, it's true they are pretty redic in pricing. Love the photos of Charlee and daddy! I love to snap shots of my two boys together.

  4. As far as the price of leggings and headbands is concerned, it depends on where the fabric is purchased (and whether it's organic). You would also have to factor in the cost of elastic, shipping, your time and any fees your sales platform charges. Added to that, there are labels, hang tags and packaging.

    1. Eleos, I tried to reply but to you but you are a no reply blogger. I actually purchased some organic fabric at $6.50 a yard that makes two pairs of leggings and 3 headbands! The elastic for two pairs of pants was 2.69. I'm
      Not selling the items so I'm
      Not concerned with shipping, tagging etc. It is much cheaper for me to make our own! And we made two sets this weekend!!!! Thanks for reading!

    2. That's weird. I'm sorry about that! It seems I've been having some trouble with the account. It wouldn't let me change my name for a while either. It is indeed cheaper if you can make your own items and I'm so glad that you have that skill! I think everyone should know how to sew. I just though I'd let you know why the price might be higher for those in shops :)

    3. BTW, the triangle fabric is my favorite :)


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