Thursday, January 16, 2014

Karma Reset Please

I don't know what the hell is going on in my cosmic corner on the world, but shambles I say! 

I must have dropped at least 4 things at work. And when you work in a sterile environment, you can't just be picking up those metal picks and uses em in someones pie hole, ya know? The whole sterilization  thing starts back over.  It takes a whole 3 minutes but when you run on a 30 minute schedule, ain't noboby got time for that.

Tuesday night:
I came home and was too lazy to cook anything grown up. 
Grilled Cheese sounded gourmet enough. I got them breads buttered up and put one slice in the pan, layered on my umpteen pieces of cheese (hence the reason why I'm probably having bathroom issues, tmi? sorry) and then put on the top piece. Flip time = black, burnt and crispy bread. NOTHING, is more worse than having a burnt grilled cheese. Josh suggested that I peel off the top piece of bread, add more cheese and put on another piece of bread. Flip time = ANOTHER BURNT BREAD.
I trash the burnt cheeses and I settled for toaster waffles.

I quickly decided to get a bath ready to relax my bajiggity self. 
So I'm sitting in the tub, reading. Josh comes in and we talk about our day. He gets up to leave the bathroom and I open my book back up. With in seconds, I drop the book in the bubble bath. 
I drain the bath and get out.

Now, you see at this point, I'm still thinking that my ju-ju is off.  I need the reset button pressed.

Josh goes to the DMV to renew his class A license. Well, apparently he didn't know that every decade they want a new picture. And I secretly think that he wants to keep his 25 year old picture id for-eev-er. Lately he's been rolling around looking like a bumble, needing a haircut like I need my brows waxed. I think it's sexy (not the brows part, I look like Bert and Ernie).

You see a few years ago, I learned that take a new license pic every ten years. 
I went spray tanning before my renewal. HORRIBLE idea. I look like an oompa loompa.

Well, Josh thought that his photo was so bad that I had to fight him to show it to me.
I begged him to let me post his id but he said "NO" and there was no arguing with it.
Honestly, other than the fact that he looks like smoked a jibba, I think it's fine.

Lastly, as he's leaving the DMV the meter maid beats him to his car by about 6 minutes and the hubs gets a parking ticket!

I've decided that his bad cosmic crap is not my cosmic crap. All this shit goes on when my husband is around. So someone please center his shakras, cleanse his palate or whatever it is that your supposed to do when bad luck is hanging around.  

Peace out, It's Thursday!


  1. I shouldn't laugh....LOL (sorry) Dropping the book in the tub is probably almost the worst part. That really sucks. Especially if you were right at a good part and want to know how it ends! Or if it was a library book... :/ Hope your Thursday and Friday turn out better!

  2. This is hilarious!!! I hoope your ju-ju gets better by the weekend!!

  3. My waxer has been off work on maternity leave, and she is back now, thank goodness. I'm going to see her this afternoon to take care of my Bert and Ernie situation over here! Hope the rest of your week gets better girlie!

  4. I knew it!!! You stab our gums on purpose! Haha! Hope you juju gets better. Quite tripping grandmas and making fun of small children and your Karma will clear right up! ;)

  5. Oh man! You better start tapping your third eye and meditating! haha

  6. Ah crazy stuff! We differ on our grilled cheese preference. I burn mine on purpose. Now not totally black but pretty close.

  7. I hate when crap like this happens! Ugh. So annoying.

  8. hahahaha. this is just hilarious. "pie hole" "center his shakers"
    onnn the bright side(cause you know I LOVE bright sides ;) you have a bathtub. Which may seem really simple and basic, but at 2.5 years without one...well. I'm getting a freaking hot tub when we move. the end.


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