Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Few New Pretty Things.

Our weekend was great!!!
 Friday, I went to get my eyelash extensions put back on. If you've ever had them, you will feel NAKED with out them!!! The part that I hate is how long it takes. 2 1/2 hours of just laying there. The bad news is that later that night as we were watching The Prisoners (which I highly recommend) the extensions started sliding off of my own lashes. This my friends is the down side to pregnancy. Your eyelashes produces some extra protective oil or some shit and rejects the extension. Needless to say, that my eyelashes will be back to nubs for the next 20 weeks.

A cute fancy package came on Friday too. This a sneak peak for our gender reveal decor on Feb 2nd!


Saturday I squeezed in a Target and a TJ MAxx run.
I have not had a house phone in YEARS. I recently looked at my cable bill and saw that we were being charged for one on our bundle. Sneaky bastards. So this girl when out and put her big girl pants on and got this casa set up with 2 house phones. They have yet to ring.

 I'm loving this next TJ Maxx score. I have half a dozen lunch bags and this is my favorite. My excuse for buying this one, is that it will be my snack bag...for the car. 
Oh and of course I snagged a classic baby book for the nursery.

 These "disco Pimp" slippers, as the hubs calls them, were $8.97 at Target. I really want the Ugg slippers but can't see spending $120 on them OR asking for them for Valentines Day, which means I don't spend the money, Josh does. Your welcome. I settled for these fancy ones.
 Yes MORE boots!
 I found these at TJ Maxx too. They were $39.00 a piece, but for me? BOGO. You see the girl that works at my TJ's needs to be fired. She gives away more free stuff than any cashier I've ever seen. I have no idea how she is still employed. At Christmas, she didn't charge us for 1/2 of the ornaments that we purchased (well, planned on purchasing). She always tells me that I look familiar and comments on my bag or hair. She is quite possibly a stage 5 clinger, however if the perks include me getting free shit, cling away.

The big purchase in our house hold this weekend was by Josh. He has a pickup truck and a 1993 subaru that he bums around in. Since we've been pregnant we've talked about getting a more "child" friendly car for him. You see, the subaru aka GREEN HORNET, is a car that you get when your sixteen and a half. But my husband is very cheap frugal and will drive anything into the ground. 
Green Hornet has no AC. It ALWAYS has wet seats from leaving the windows down. Don't believe me? We sit on trash bags when we take it anywhere. I drove it to work once and blew out a tire and the AAA guy made me sign a waiver saying that I wouldn't drive it home even with the "new" spare tire on it. Needless to say this little sucker got traded in for.....
From rags to riches for the hubs! He had been eyeing this style car for months! He finally found one that he likes. It has all of the bells and whistles (that I had to show him how to use, since he hasn't owned a car that was made in the last decade). He even measured our girlfriend's car seat to make sure that there will be ample room in the back. Swoon.

Happy Tuesday Snow Birds as well will be getting hammered with the stuff tonight!!!


  1. Let's talk slippers... I have the Bearpaw ones from Famous Footwear (Ugg knockoffs)... they're $45ish but with sales and coupons you can sometimes get them for around $30... and let me tell you, they are HEAVEN for my feet! I never used to wear slippers, like ever, but since I started buying these a few years ago, my feet are looking for them the very second I take off my shoes! Ryan has Ugg slippers (I know - ridic!) and he loves them too. Totally worth the $$ for some warm comfort for your feet!

  2. The house phone, we were wondering whether to get one or not, let me know if you think it is worth it. 2..love that car! It is amazing!!!!

  3. I love those new boots!! I need to hit up TJs!

  4. I would highly recommend the UGG slippers. I spent the last month of pregnancy in them since my feet were swollen. Also, just in case you haven't read it yet, your feet will grow during pregnancy, mine grew 1/2 size. They have yet to go back, so don't buy too many shoes :)

  5. I love when people forget to ring things up. But only when I don't notice. Otherwise, my stupid mouth needs to tell people. Stupid mouth! Love the new car! Big A needs a new one in the worst way, but alas it is not in the budget. Bummer.

  6. A house phone?! What is that? Haha! Love the new lunch tote and I really need to check out your TX Maxx mine never screws up and gives free stuff! Look at that fancy new car!! Okay in my head I totally did the price is right voice for the final showcase. Weird!

  7. We have been getting charged for a house phone too! We only know that bc we had random calls start popping up while we are watching TV. LOVE the new ride!!!!

  8. I love my house phone. I've had one for the past 6 years now bc of our alarm system. No way was I living in the ghetto without an alarm. (our Tampa home was basically in the ghetto) Are you finding out the sex beforehand or being surprised with everyone else?

  9. My parents have a house phone and it doesn't stop ringing. So annoying! Ummm those boots and slippers are so cute. Also, I want that car. Go Hubs!

  10. "Girlfriends' carseat? Is that a hint to the gender??

  11. Ahhh gender reveal! I am so so so excited for that.
    and I most definitely need your TJMaxx girl in my life, STAT. Free stuff rocks!

  12. So looking forward to your gender reveal :) In the meantime, let's bond over your TJmaxx cashier and feel free to send her my way!

  13. Be careful with the "house phone." We have one bundled with our internet, but only the incoming calls and emergency calls are free (something to do with a 911 law). If I place an outgoing call, there is a fee. ALSO, ours is not even plugged in because within days of plugging it in, we started getting telemarketer calls. Husband was MAD ha. As for TJM girl, is it possible she reads your blog? LOL


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