Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bloggers help wanted....

Alright ladies, I need some suggestions. I want to get my sponsor page some play, however as many of you know that in the blogging world, the only thing that I know how to do is  

1) write a post
2) upload a picture
3) comment on your post

I  know, this is pathetic. I have no idea where all of you girls got your blogging tools from. I know some of you are in web design but seriously if you make cakes all day, how in the hell do you know how to do this crap?!

I recently bought an ad on a blog and when it came time to pay, it checked me out via amazon. This is the first time that I've seen this. It was super easy! It's not as pretty as passion fruit but much easier.

So my question is......In your opinion, what is the best way to sponsor?

 Oh and PS, once I decide to do this, I will have no idea how to get  the "sponsor" post on the sponsor page. Don't judge me.

PPS. I just realized I don't have a sponsor page. 



  1. Hey that was probably through adproval. I used them for a awhile but got a ton of errors with them. I find that passionfruit is this best way to get sponsors atleast for me since I am not the best with design and stuff.

  2. To make a sponsor page, go to your Blogger Dashboard and in the drop down at the top (where you can select posts, stats, etc.) click pages. Once you get there you an click "new page" and create one. There will be a tab at the top of your blog and you can edit it how you want.

  3. I think for me Passionfruit has been the easiest. They can pay through Paypal or with a credit card. It is fairly easy to install. I does cost per year but I think it's only $50.00 which isn't too bad.

  4. Yeah, I have no idea about any of it. haha

  5. passion fruit is the best. They start and end the ads for you, start new one when the time comes, send automatic payments. It's the best in my opinion!

  6. I don't have sponsors, nor have I ever sponsored a blog. I am clueless - sorry!!!!


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