Thursday, January 23, 2014

19 Week Bumpdate!

Yesterday marked 19 weeks for our pregnancy! I cannot explain how excited I am for our gender reveal brunch next Sunday. Our appointment is next Friday and we are dropping off the SEALED gender revealed envelop to the baker directly after. I don't even know how I plan on controlling myself to not rip that thing open on the car ride there!!!
Leggings-Target, Top-Maternity Target, Boots-TJ MAxx

This pic reminds me, THANK GOD I have a hair appointment tomorrow to lighten up this gothic 'do!!!!
How far along: 19 Weeks. Baby is the size of a tomato,  however I am trying not to associate anything red with this we all know I will most likely be having a ginger.
Gender: to be determined
Weight gain: 6 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Still rocking leggings and yoga pants. Because accenting the bump is the new black I'm able to get away with some fitted shirts too. I just have to be careful because the cleave is out of control.
Stretch marks: No and using the Mia oil like it's my job.
Belly button in or out: In.
Sleep: eh off and on. I can't remember the last time that I slept through the night. It's usually frequent bathroom interruptions or the hubs being a night owl.
Best moment this week: FLUTTERS! I swore that this was gas but it has been everyday for a straight week. I feel this gassy kinda flutter in my lower belly AND.ITS.AWESOME.
Worst moment this week: I still don't have a maternal connection yet. From what I've read this is pretty common but  most women won't talk about it. I am far from the picture perfect prego and have no issue discussing this matter. Some days I feel just weird that there is a baby in there. It still doesn't feel real. Often times I forget that I am pregnant. I am  not worried about this only because I've googled a ton of shit and they say that once you see that baby...BOOM goes the dynamite and your maternal.
Miss anything: Not really. Which is kind of nice. I mean yes the occasional drink but ladies, the amount of food that you can eat when you are not drinking is INSANE. I expect everyday to get on the scale and for those numbers to move up by 5 lbs, but nope, nada, same as the day before. I must have been drinking most of my calories prior to this pregnancy. And I'm not ashamed of that either ;)
Movement: Flutters
Cravings: Philadelphia rolls. I mean if Josh wanted to get me a double order tonight, I wouldn't be mad.
Queasy or sick: Heartburn/acid reflux. It's happening mostly at night. Sleeping up right like a geriatric patient seems to be helping.
Looking forward to: Getting my hair did tomorrow and a relaxing weekend! I'm thinking Bass Pro Shop and some good eats!


  1. I always wondered how I would know if it was baby flutters or gas... and you KNOW. It's like nothing you have ever felt before. Definitely nothing like gas. I used to look at the ultrasounds and listen to the heartbeat to remind myself there's a baby in there. It's a little easier now that I'm huge and he's moving all the time, but it is still a weird concept. Like I said before, I wouldn't worry about the whole "maternal" thing. Some people are all about the pregnancies and some people just want to skip to the baby!

  2. This is so exciting! I have baby fever and I am loving bump updates!

  3. You are seriously looking so cute! I can't believe you are not gonna rip that envelope open, but it will be fun finding out with everyone else.

  4. I was really open about my maternal connection with Ryder. It was a struggle for me and I worried about it alot but the moment they laid him on my chest, BOOM, the dynamite went and we've been best friends ever since! :) You are already a great mommy and I can't wait to see what you are having!

  5. Love your outfit and your bump! Can't wait to hear about your reveal!

  6. I can only imagine how hard keeping that secret is going to be! Can't wait for your reveal!

  7. Omg I would totally tear the envelope open! LOL. I am the most curious person, I couldn't take it!!! I wasn't super maternal during my pregnancy either. It might have something to do with the fact that I had preeclampsia and was on bed rest almost the entire time, but it's def true that it really kicks in when the baby is born! Even when you are further along and really start to feel/see the movement. I called my son my little alien while he was still in utero. In a nice way of course ; ) You look great!!!

  8. AHHH! So exciting!!! Can't wait for the reveal.. I'm calling BLUE!

  9. Ahhhh I can't wait to find out what Baby Casey is! I dunno how you are waiting DAYS to know.

  10. Still jealous about the flutters. AND I can't wait to find out the gender of your little one AND I think you look gorgeous in those pics! That is all.

  11. babbbbby!
    annd, your spiking my baby fever even more.
    You look amazing, but I tell you that everyday.


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