Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Christmas List, If.....

Josh and I decided not to exchange gifts this year since we went on vaca. We are also buying a king size mattress that will be making a dent in our pocket.
 If we were exchanging gifts...These would be my items.

1. Ceramic Berry Baskets
 I have been totally in love with these since we found the ceramic egg holders last year.

2. Anthropologie Milk Bottle Measuring Cups
I love this because it's something that I can leave out on the counter and not feel bad about it!

3. Mini Collanders
Can you tell Anthropologie has been on my hit list!

4. Tory Burch Sherpa Lined Duck Boots
 I still love my Sorel Joan of Arctic boots from last year, but there is something about these cuties that make me want em!

5. Who doesn't need a Merch shirt?

6. A Christmas stocking filled with boxes of Mac and Cheese. 
So instead of these want worthy items, I will settle for a king size bed with new sheets, a feather bed pillow top and a new down filled comforter.

We also did almost all of our Christmas shopping online this year, which I totally recommend. Not only is it super easy, but you can buy people so much more due to the decrease of cost online. Between free shipping deals and percent off coupons, our family is going to be very happy this year! 


  1. We have the EXACT same list! Anything from Anthropologie is on my wish list!
    I hope you get it all:)

  2. Love the list! I can't think of anything I want this year. Although, the husband and I decided a mattress will be our present to each other too! And... now I want Mac & Cheese... thanks!

  3. Love that Milk bottle measuring cups, so cute! Love it all and those boots are so needed her in New England!

  4. I bought almost EVERYTHING online this year and got such good deals. I told Will not to go overboard because he went crazy last year, so I hope for once he listens. We are about to move, so I don't want to have more stuff to move! Haha


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