Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Birds With One Stone

 I've recently been way behind on getting our Christmas cards (along with all things Christmas) in order this year. Note to self, don't take off the first 11 days of December, you will feel totally rushed and ripped off from the Holiday season...

With the whole new addition coming into our family, I wanted to eliminate two birds with one stone. Since we've made it into the safe zone we want to start telling family and friends, and what an easier way to do that, than with Christmas cards (most people have no idea that I blog).

Naturally, I searched Pinterest and the web for ideas...... and found some pregnancy/holiday
cards that just didn't quite work for us......

This one definitely wouldn't work for us, considering we don't know the babies gender yet.

 My husband would never wear an adult diaper, not even if he was inebriated and I paid him. 

No. Just NO.

After playing around with pics and heading over to Vista Print, I designed these cute cards...
Now please excuse me while I put up our Christmas tree and drink non-alcoholic wine! Happy Weekend Lovelies!


  1. The card looks so good!! What a good looking family!!!

  2. bahhaahah Oh my gosh, so glad yours turned out the way it did, because those others I could never handle! :)

  3. Aww! I didn't know your were preggers!! Congrats, and I think you made the riiiiight choice on the card.

  4. Aww congrats! I didn't know you were pregnant!


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