Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Homemade Waffles with Strawberry Drizzle

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I'm pretty sure that after reading this post, this is what you are going to want today. Sorry not sorry.

 A few weeks ago I bought a waffle iron and I have been dying to use it. Ok, so maybe it was the Maple Pumpkin Butter, that I'd been dying to try. Sunday morning was the perfect time to try all of this deliciousness out.

I found this waffle recipe online and tweaked it myself. 

Instead of eggs, I used egg substitute. (1 egg=1/4 cup egg subs.)
Instead of whole milk, I used 1% and I substituted Truvia for the sugar.
 I also added cinnamon to my mix.

Pre heat waffle iron.
Pre heat oven to 300 degrees.

First, I got all of the dry ingredients together and set them aside. 
Then I added the eggs, milk, butter and vanilla extract to the blender.
Mix wet ingredients in blender on "Stir" setting. 
Once all of the wet ingredients are blended, you can add the dry mix.
Mix again on Stir.

Once you have this big blender of what looks like baby batter, your ready to go.

Spray the waffle iron with Pam before pouring the waffle mix on.
Pour in mix and shut the cover (don't peek, it will stick if you do).
My waffle iron has a little light to let me know when they are done.
I have a pizza stone in my oven at all times, and as these were finishing, I kept putting them in the oven on the pizza stone to keep them from getting soggy. I highly recommend this.
I also advise that you put your waffle iron on paper towels. Unless you are the waffle maker master, you will over pour and when you close the lid....spillage on the counter. 
Paper towels were removed for the purpose of this photo, believe you me it was a mess.

For the strawberry sauce I used 8 strawberries and cut them into halves.
Bring a cup of water, strawberries and 2 tablespoons of Truvia to a boil. Let simmer, slightly bubbling for 5 minutes, or until the strawberries blanch a little bit aka turn white.

Butter the waffles (we use olivio) and add your toppings!

Next, go wake up your man candy and bring him out to this. He will then offer to go shopping with you all day because of his bad ass breakfast that you slaved over. It was also "tax-free weekend". 


  1. Haha!! Love the paper towel idea because I too would probably make a mess!! Love strawberries on my waffles too!! Best idea for getting a man to go shopping!!

  2. I am a big waffle fan!! These look delicious, especially with the strawberries on top!

  3. Yumm, those look so good! Luckily my waffle maker has a drip pan underneath because you're right, that ish is messy!

  4. Holy cow these looks SO freaking good!!! Please come make me breakfast?! Thanks for linking up friend!!

  5. I want to be the perfect wife like you when I grow up! :D

  6. I love my waffle maker! Going to try that strawberry sauce next time.. looks so good!

  7. shoot! Now I want waffles!!

  8. Yep, you are right. It's lunch time and I only want waffles! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Maple Pumpkin butter?!? YUM! Want some now!

  10. We LOVE waffles! And ummm..maple pumpkin butter?? Yes please!

  11. Mmmmmmmm. I love waffles! It's funny, we got a little belgian waffle maker as an engagement gift like.....hmmmm.... 12 years ago?! lol. And not only do I still have it, but we use it all the time! I love that thing!!! You should totally try protein waffles!

  12. YUM!!! I need to go by a waffle maker now!! :)

  13. New follower! I've been thinking of getting a waffle maker and that Pumpkin butter made it something I deff need to do now! Yum!


  14. Girl! How you making those images so pretty with the words and all? You're getting so fancy!


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