Friday, August 9, 2013

Fridays letters

Dear husband, I am so proud of you. I give your more credit than you know. It is coming up on a year since your back injury and I know it has been a struggle. Your positive attitude lately is becoming additing! Dear fall, I know some people are condemning you. I'm ready. I have only been able to blow dry my hair approx 6 times this summer due to the humidity. And lets not talk about how the sock bun can only be rocked for so long.  My electric bill is over $200 every month because of the AC. And when summer goes, it can take the Mosquitos and black flies with it. Dear retinol, please stop making me look like a snake shedding it's skin. Im flaky all over, even my nostrils!!! My skin is supposed to get used to this. Either a, I have a lot of old skin to shed or b, you are toxic. Dear wedding shower that is 3 1/2 hours away on Saturday,  if this wasn't for my nephew, I wouldn't be attending. I will be sitting in the car with my mom and sister for over 7 hours in one day. God bless my soul. And thank you, tiny baby Jesus for road sodas. Dear weekend, lets stay on track. Do not tempt me with your pizza, Chinese take out and strawberry daiquiris. It's not going to happen. 



  1. Dear Jess, have a berry daiquiri, you deserve it. Dear Jess's hubs, thank you for being so good looking. Dear weekend, be nice to Jess... lyf

  2. Ohh, the good ol' road sodas... had a couple myself this week! Much needed, might I add!;)

  3. I so hear you on the humidity. My hair has been looking like crap lately wanting to go back to it's curly ways, not HAPPENING!! I am actually looking forward to fall with boots, scarves and snuggle sessions. Yup, bring it! Skip the pizza and Chinese and splurge on the Daiquiris! ;)

  4. mmm chinese take out. i miss chinese food and pizza from MA!

  5. I love Fall, too! Pumpkin spice lattes, boots, scarves! Can't wait!!


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