Monday, August 26, 2013

End of Summer Shennanies

The smell of fall is in the air and to celebrate that is coming we had an End of Summer Party. 
Some people didn't like the name of it but, oh well.

It's been getting down to the 50s and 60s at night and it is the most comfortable sleeping temperature. It's also cut down on our electric bill. Thank God. 

Our weekend was pretty laid back but still busy at the same time. It only entailed one sort-of-hangover, which was nice. 

My weekend started Thursday.  We went out for Thai food and then came home.
  We set up the tent in the back yard and had a date night outside that consisted of wine, a bon-fire, Battleship and Uno. Do NOT play Uno with 2 people, it will be the longest game of your life. 
Oh and yes I did kick his ass on Battleship.

Friday night we went out with our buddy who came home from Afghanistan. We went out for dinner and then back to his house for some adult bevys.

On Saturday morning my sister surprised me with a truck full of mulch, loam, flowers and landscaping decor. I had called her prior and told her that our family's grave sites looked horrible and needed some TLC. I think she's been down there about 3 times in 18 years, it's really not her thing. 
I am so excited that she went out of her comfort zone and did this with me! 
They came out great.


Sunday was our "End of Summer" shebang and my Origami Owl Launch Party

The party was a huge success. There are not many Designers in this area, so hopefully I will be getting more and more busy!!! I'm also going to be hosting a give away over the next few weeks. With the holidays right around the corner, please feel free to contact me with any questions about our lockets.

We grilled, played baggo and drank the night away.
The home T and The Casey's custom t

How was your weekend????

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. I want to move in with you. You guys always have so much fun!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I love camping out and love that you turned it into a date night!

  3. Your weekends are always the best!

  4. Fire, wine, and games in the fun! Great idea for a date night!

  5. love that little date night! How fun!

  6. What a fun date night! I am definitely in need of a camping night.

  7. i am in love with your campy date night! So jealous!! Makes me want to come disapear in your neck of the woods even more!!

    We should talks about my origami owl blog party soon!!


  8. You're date night camp out looks so fun!!! I think when it gets cooler here I def need to do that! ps - do you have an origami owl FB page?! =)

  9. You guys are the cutest thing ever!

    Origami Owl, I have been so back and forth on getting one. I think I actually really want one! At least I know who to call:)

  10. I want to do a date night camp out! I've never even thought of that idea. And I have heard so many great things about Origami Owl, but never knew anyone who sold it. Definitely might have to hit you up for some details! :)

  11. Uno with 2 people is the worst! The reverse and skip cards just aren't as much fun!


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