Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie today!

1. My fabulous camera strap that I finally ordered from The Poppy Shoppe

2. You all know how much I don't lurve Birchbox, but whack a mole, they have hit it out of the park with this one.
Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow. This stuff is amazing, it's like butta baby, it's like butta. 

3. These adorable slate flip flops to spice up our mulch!


5. My new easy reading, cliff's notes, devotional. Don't judge me.

 6. My favorite candid family pic that had yet to be captured until Easter.

7. This little guy for sticking around and sharing his 13th Easter with us! 

 8. And last but not least, my husband for adding his art work to this dry erase frame in our spare bedroom, that I happened to stumble upon.





  1. Hahaha! At first I didn't see your hubby's artwork but that is hilarious! :) I love your camera strap too! I have one that is red with white polka dots that my cousin (male) told me looked like Minnie Mouse. I didn't know how to take that....

  2. That artwork made me giggle.
    Also, don't be sending me to $27 face shit right now... that's just not fair.

  3. The whole BB and CC thing escapes me but from what I understand BB is where it's at right now. That chalkboard in your kitchen is super cute. DIY project?

  4. hahahahah love that artwork!

  5. I loved loved loved the BB cream from my birchbox!!! but what's bb mean and what's cc mean? I don't get it. But I love my BB!!

  6. I love the chalk board thing behind you guys! Also..the hubs it!!!

  7. you guys are so cute! I am loving the candid shot!!

  8. I love the art work made me laugh! And I just don't get all the new creams. Keep it simple (basically it means I don't like change and I will avoid it when possible) Ha!

  9. Love the camera strap design... so cute! I have one from The Poppy Shoppe too... such great quality! Every picture in this post is pretty much classic!

  10. LOVE the champagne picture... hahahaha!

  11. I am loving BB cream as well! It's amazing! New follower here and on twitter! :) Would love if you followed me back-your blog is great!!


  12. I love all these, those flip flops are adorrrable!

    I got the BB cream sample and freaking fell in LOOVE!

  13. i juuuuust found your bloggy and GIRL when i saw mass hole i got suuperrr excited! HELLO FROM A FELLOW MASSHOLE! :-)

    i think I'm the last person on planet earth to try BB cream!! the LAST. I also don't exactly know what it is----i should probably investigate

    that dry erase magical art is just perfect. Bravo husband!

    looking forward to reading more !

  14. Haha! Your ginger hubs is a modern-day Picasso, Jess! P.S. Where did you get the cliffnotes Bible?!?!?! (Can you TELL I'm Catholic? haha)

  15. Haha we have a dry erase board that I am just waiting for Will to play with. That BB cream looks awesome, but so far they all make me break out :( I don't wear anything on my face, so it's probably that I'm just not used to it.


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