Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exposing Amanda!!! Weekly Link up!

I'm exposing Amanda today! I started following her shortly after I started blogging and it is because we share a lot in common. She is a military wife, dog lover, a wine connoisseur and seriously, just a sweet gal! 
Oh and her wedding pictures, are the kind that make you wish that you were there!

 So here she is..............

Hi readers of Tooth N Nails! I am so excited to be taking over for Jess today. I am Amanda, I blog at A Beautiful Mess. I am a wine-ho, runner, Coastie wife and reality TV addict (I am watching reality TV as I type this... Married to Medicine--seen it? Didn't think so. These are things only addicts know about--no offense if you DID know about it). There is a little demon inside of me that just can't get enough... always looking for the next reality show on the guide. Sometimes that little person controls me... ok maybe that's over exaggerating. Maybe.

My husband travels for work, and that's what I blame my reality TV addiction on, because what else do I have to do (besides clean, workout, catch up on Twitter and blogs, etc). Although my husband thinks I am completely cray-cray and think I could possibly occupy my time with other things. 

Let's start with the messiest of the messy of reality TV: Big Rich Atlanta. I mean, they are the epitome of "is this real?" But really, I can't stop watching. And sometimes the demon I beg my husband to let me watch the DVR'd episode that I missed the night before. He rolls his eyes and thinks I am absolutely crazy--but what else is new. I'm starting to see a pattern... 

Some people on the show go to jail for pulling another person's hair, two sisters live off of their mother and they are like 27 years old or older. I mean, this is some classy ISH. Watch it. Or don't. But just know I will be watching. :)
There are a bajillion Real Housewives shows. Honestly, I would LOVE a Real Housewives of Gresham, Oregon--my hometown. Now THAT would put a twist on this series... red necks in the country. Bon fires, bud light, big trucks... OK, so maybe they've already made that show and called it Buckwild. Bubble=bursted.

My favorite of all the Real Housewives is New Jersey. There is so much crazy ish going on... I can't wait for the next season to start! Who's with me on that?
I read an article yesterday that BRAVO is premiering something like 17 new shows in 2013. Some of which are scripted... bring it on BRAVO! I have some time to fill over the next year :)

Ok, now can someone please also tell me that they are beyond addicted to reality TV so I don't feel so bad about pouring my heart and soul out to ya'll... ready, GO!

Thanks for having me, Jess! 

Isn't she great?! Go visit her, now!

Now all you gotta do is expose that blogger that you love and want everyone to know or link up your guest blogger post, if ya had one this week! 
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  1. Thanks again for having me! And for your sweet comment about my wedding. Best day ever :)

  2. RHONJ is the shiizzzzzzzzz!

    1. RIGHT!? I love it. Like I'm IN love with it. ;)

  3. 17 new Bravo shows?? OMG! Can't wait to see them! :)

    1. I know, crazy huh!? The article also talked about how they are becoming one of the biggest TV networks! They are KILLING it!

  4. I love Amanda! Hopefully we have a blate soon!

  5. I haven't visited her blog in a while. Thanks for reminding me ;)


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