Monday, April 1, 2013

Half Assed Weekend update, part 1

Monday. Eww. 
However, I managed to have a pretty fabulous weekend! This will be a photo dump post!

I went shopping during nospend march and opened up a Kohls charge. Shame on me, I digress. BUT, I only spent $76 due to the ridiculous sale that they had going on AND the extra 30% off from opening the charge. I also paid the card off right after using it. Go me! 
I went to Home Goods too. This store generally gets me into trouble but I didn't buy a thing., 
My sister bought me this little guy, because I was too cheap to spend $12.99 on a lunch bag. Hey, the Target plastic ones are free. Free is fo'me. 
Thanks seester!
Houndstooth lunch bag! Tj maxx

Saturday the hubs and I had a lunch date!  

And on Sunday, we had Easter just like the rest of y'all. And I will finish posting the rest of this tomorrow, as I am trying to blog from my iPad, which clearly is an epic fail, so before I bounce this off the floor stay tuned........


  1. LOVE the lunch bag.. I just ordered one from Thirty One gifts.. can't wait to get it!!!

  2. Damn those no-spend rules! Hope you got some cute stuff for your mega bargains!

  3. gets me everytime! I broke down and bought stuff 3 days before no spend march was over..womp womp.

  4. That bag is super cute! And good for you for saying no to Home Goods! I think that more than justifies the Kohl's purchases!

  5. Love that lunch bag!

  6. That's one delicious looking bloody mary! I'm impressed you left Homegoods empty handed. That place sucks me in!

  7. I've never blogged from my iPad. I want to get a keyboard for it b/c I think that would make it doable. But w/o no way!


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