Thursday, March 28, 2013

Link up your guest blog posts today and get em' Exposed!

It's the first link up for "Exposed"!
This is a link up for everyone who had a guest post on their blog this week. Why not introduce them to the rest of your readers! So go down below and link up!
Today I'm exposing Mallory to all of my bliends.
 She blogs over at From California to Kansas.
Mallory and I have become blogging bffs. You know the kind that you text and don't tell anyone who it is because they think that your weird because you talk to your bloggy friends? 
Mallory is a gluten freebie, wine drinking, dog loving, say it as it is kind of girl. You can find anything on her blog. I mean anything.  

So go ahead Mal, and tell them something good! ............

I'm Mallory!

Jess has already agreed to do the above for me, should my shenanigans ever require a wanted missing poster.

Now if that's not a great introduction, I don't know what is. 

So Jess asked me to come in, kick off this EXPOSED guest post link up, which I must say, I was honored she asked me to be first, because I am an only child and believe I should always be first, but apparently that's not true. Who knew??

But I must say, I was a bit confused as to what she meant by EXPOSED...

Did she mean this?

I quite honestly can't believe I am putting this on the Internet, but have justified it because this isn't my blog!

Or did she mean something more like this?
I know, my face is ridiculously white, but this was like Day 8 of a 10 day trip in Jamaica at the end of December. I didn't bring enough bronzer to counteract that tan/sunburn thing.

What do you think she meant by EXPOSED?

So I'm basically just your everyday, average, wine drinking, trash talking, wife, pretend blogger kind of girl!

I also live in Kansas.

Yeah. I know. "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" 
Except when you live in Kansas and hear that, the first thing that pops in your head is, are you messing with me right now? Is this a joke? Are you testing my aggravation limits?

I also have a bull terrier, named Deuce.
I've determined she is exactly like a toddler. 
A really annoying toddler who drives mommy to drink. 
Like today, she will not stop whining. For the love, I have been home for two hours and she has been whining for 1 hour and 45 minutes of that! Mommy drinks because you cry!!!
Don't let her cuteness fool you either.

As I pour myself another glass of wine...

So basically, if you're looking for a blog to read who rambles, EXPOSES herself online, drinks wine just as much as Jess, well, hey, come say hello
And bring wine cause I'm about out again.

So grab a button and please link back up below with the linky tool and your guest post! Let's get these guests exposed!


  1. I think that's the best eCard I have ever seen. And true.

  2. what a freaking awesome hop idea. and love Mallory!!

  3. Love that ecard! haha Checking out her Blog now!

  4. There was this one time, when my two favorite bloggers got together in one post and made a post baby, and I love this baby so much!! :) LYF

  5. I love your blog!Cute dog!
    I would love for you to stop by my page too and hopefully you support me by following me! I can't wait for your next post.Thanks


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