Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Taste of Tuesday Sangria!!!

Linking up with Ashley and Jessica 
for a Taste Of Tuesday!

Every party that we have at our home, from celebrating the 4th of July, Christmas Eve, and random get togethers, I always make a red sangria.
Sangria can be as festive as you want it and as strong as you want it and to all of you ladies that have retail parties with your friends at your house, I promise you that they will buy more stuff after consuming a few glasses!
 *this means more free stuff from your consultant, Duh!
What you will need

2 Large bottles of red wine. 
Any red will do but I usually chose a blend to enhance the flavor with the different types of grapes. They do not have to be the same either!

1/2 bottle of any fruit flavored vodka (1/2 of a 750 ml sized bottle)

2 ounces of peach or apricot brandy
(feel free to omit this if you don't like it, it does have a strong flavour)

1 cup of simple syrup 
(1 cup of sugar brought to a boil with 1 cup of water)
1/2 gallon of OJ 
I usually use the Tropicana 50

1 large can of pineapple juice

lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, blueberries etc. The sky is the limit, but I don't recommend using pineapples. They usually break apart and clogs the spout on the dispenser. Then you have to bust out a ladle and it just makes a mess.

You can also add a can of Ginger Ale right before serving it, to give it some fizz.     

Cut up all of your fruit and add it to the bottom of the dispenser and then add all of the liquids. Try to make this at least 24 hours before hand, it will take any bite of the boozy taste out.

Chill in the fridge until ready to serve. Serve this over ice and garnish it with whatever you want. I like mustache straws or little umbrellas. 

With the weekend only being 4 days away, get this brewing NOW! And by summer time everyone will be asking for it! It's so good.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Sangria is def a fave of mine! This is a great recipe for it, I love adding the ginger ale at the end!

  2. Yummy! I'll take a glass right now :)

  3. I am having a game night with friends on Saturday & actually contemplated making sangria. Now you post this? I am sold!!! :)

  4. Yep..gotta make this. It looks so good!

  5. You can not go wrong with Sangria!! Making me dream of warm summer nights.

  6. Holy YUM!!! Is it bad that it's 8 in the morning and I'm craving this drink right now?? I'm trying this for our next get together!! Thanks so much for linking up with Ash and I!! :)

  7. So this is going to be a DUMB question... sangria has vodka in it?! I had no idea, haha! I thought it was just some fancy red wine drink. I live under a rock... I know. Haha! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us! I need to make this ASAP! You just gave me the perfect excuse to have a party!

  8. Love me some Sangria! I have big plans to make it this summer after I have the baby.

  9. I LOVE me some sangria! This looks sooooo good. Can I get a glass?!

  10. Well. This just makes you a tad thirsty now doesn't it ?!

  11. Sangria is my FAVORITE!!! I love it and always order it at restaurants. Last summer I made The Pioneer Woman's version and it was pretty good. I'll have to try your version next!!

  12. There's nothing like a good Sangria. I like white too so it's a toss up!

  13. I love Sangria, this is a different recipe than I normally use, but I'm going to have to try it!

  14. I want that in my glass, now. who cares if I am work? i'll tell them it's juicy juice or something

  15. I would kill for a glass of this right now.


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