Monday, December 10, 2012

#BragABoutIt Monday Part Deux

From California To Kansas
It's Monday and it's time to brag people!!!

 First off, I have won 3 giveaways in like a month! I know right? I think it's because I've stopped playing Keno. My most recent exciting bloggy things was receiving my Secret Santa prize!!! My secret Santa was Jessica over at Healthy Mommy- Healthy Baby. Go check her out, your mouth will literally water while reading her blog. And my prize was.................
A Starbucks Gift Card!

And yes I went out and got one that next morning!!! Thanks Jessica!!!

Next braggy thing......I may just have the best husband EVER!! I wanted to get some pics this weekend of our Christmas Festivities. So After I got all warmed up with my camera.....#selfie
(glitter turleneck? don't mind if I do)

I greeted the hubs walking out of the bedroom with  my camera. I'm going to set this seen up for you.....
Think Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" playing,
think swag walking and turning around with a hip pose, think of me flipping the camera every which way, squatting and saying work it......Yes this happened...


As you can clearly see, at the beginning he is laughing and thinks that I am ridiculous but in the end, HE LOVES IT!

After this nonsense we grabbed lunch and our tree. It was Sister Saturday and because I have the best one around, she let us take HER car and strap a tree to it. Let alone we also had a rotty, a great dane and my little guy in it with her in the back!!! It was cray cray.

 Our house is semi decorated so I will hopefully have pics next week for you. Our living room has a Cathedral ceiling that is open to the staircase. It's a perfect spot for a gargantuan Christmas tree.

Oh, I slipped this little last one in for you Josh, I would like this for Christmas. Kaitlyn Cardigan size small please. Also, I would like a craft table, a massage from Gloria and company, and the glitter Jessica Simpson bag at Tj maxx. I will honestly settle for just the craft table, and you know this man!.

I'm done bragging for today, and I did have a fabulous weekend!!!!
Let's here what youuuuu did! Grab the button and link up!!!
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  1. STOP being the cutest reindeer on the block. For real. Just stop it.

  2. You guys are SUCH a cute couple. I was cracking up at the scene you set--- that Kanye song is amazing, btw! Your hubby looks like he'd get along SO WELL with mine haha, loves to have a good time & that hat is right up his alley!

  3. how cute and funny! lucky you for winning -- i enter all sorts of giveaways and i never win anything so i've decided that the giveaway gods hate me.

  4. What kind of camera is that? I have a nice one but I can't get amazing shots and it frustrates the heck out of me! I should probably read the manual but who has time for that Sweet Brown?!

  5. Nice photo-shoot :) And you guys do have the best spot for a tree. Ours is next to our TV which ruins all photos :/. So, I'm going to move in with you for Christmas, k?

  6. I love your gold glitter turtleneck. You're lucky your guy lets you put him on your blog. Mine shat a brick. Cute reindeer photos!

  7. Adorable! You guys are so cute. I love your sister's FJ. We had a blue one with a 6 inch lift up until Mason was like 6 months old. Had to trade it in because it was so impractical with a baby! And your hubby's photo shoot - oh my goodness! Too funny!!!!

  8. Thanks, thanks, thanks! for the shout-out! I'm so glad you like your Secret Santa gift (who doesn't like coffee, right?). I will return the favor on my next post ;) Glad to now be linking-up with you too! have a nice day ;)


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