Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bath tub Blog

Everytime that I get in the damn bath, my mind is booming with ideas. Bloggable ideas. Tonight though, I have steam to blow off. So since the day the hubs and I got serious, I have handled the finances. I know what comes in, what goes out and more importantly my wine budget. Now that the hubs has been out of work on comp since August, I keep an eagle eye on the funds.

So yesterday I get the mail. The hubs comp check is in it. I open it and see that it's half the amount as usual aka one week pay. So this morning I asked him to call the claims department and see wtf is going on. So the hubs calls me after he speaks with them. Here is the convo.

Hubs: I spoke with Bill
Me: who?
Hubs: Bill
Me: who's bill?
Hubs: the new guy working on my comp case.
Me: oh did he say why they shorted you a week?
Hubs: Bill thought that it would be better to split it up for us.
Me: Who the eff does Bill think he is? I'm glad he knows what's best in our financial situation. Did you tell him to fix it?
Hubs: No I understand.
Me:??!?! Huh? Ok

What the hell does Bill know?! So either the hubs being out of work is finally getting to me, or some Ebonizer Scrooge is settling in.

And now that I have successfully bubble blogged and managed to not drop my phone in the tub, I'm going to have wine.

To Bill!
Suck it!


  1. Hey perfect stranger, thanks for taking my personal life into your hands without asking. That sucks. Scrooge Bil.

  2. My job changed the pay cycle randomly this week so that is a fun event :\

  3. http://www.themustachediaries.com/2012/12/liebster-rhymes-with-biebster-i-love.html Nominated you for the Liebster Award woman!!!!

  4. that stinks... i would be upset too. hope everything works out!

  5. That's not cool. I hope it all gets sorted in your favor though. Money issues are such added stress this time of year.

  6. That sounds about like how my week has been!! Hope yours gets better :)


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