Monday, December 3, 2012

#Bragaboutit Goes Live

 Today is going to be your favorite day of the week from here on forward! (Well favorite day to blog, cause we all know Friday is the ish)

The idea? Brag! Come on we all write blogs to gently expose our accomplishments or get support for the lack their of. Seriously, You get to brag about whatever you want, and do it with out judgment? Yahtzee!

So grab a button and link up today with me, Jen at That's What She Read , and Mal at From California to Kansas and #bragaboutit ! And don't get all shy and act like you ain't got one thing to gloat about! So either losen up with an alcoholic beverage or just man up and splurge! Still don't get it?.. Ok ok, I'll go first!

Remember my Novemer goal list ?

Earlier bed time? Me and melatonin, we got it on! *despite the fact that Dr Oz informed me that it can also make you a crazy betch, I will still be taking it but only 1mg. I got enough cray cray to go around already and I do not need help in this department.

(Just bragged about being crazy. See how easy it is?)

Hot lemon water and green smoothies? Check

Go to church and tell JC how thankful I am? Check

Got my hair did? This is hair is ready to rock!

Stop buying shoes and drinking wine? Hells no, I ain't no quitter! Don't judge me.

Lastly I won a monogrammed sticker from the Northern Belle Diaries, go check out the etsy shop. And once I put it on something, I'll post a pic and brag about that too :).

So grab a button, suck it up and brag. You know you wanna!

Just as a reminder, please be sure to be followers of Jen, Jess, and I and please interact with at least 1 other blogger that is linking up! We want y'all to have fun with this! And of course, tweet your little hearts out, #hashtag masters ;)

From California To Kansas


  1. You did so good!!!! I'm was going to go over my goals and making new ones tomorrow but damn it you're making look bad--I didn't do so well. Oopsie.

  2. You're so sassy, accomplishing all your goals for the month!
    "Stop buying shoes and drinking wine? Hells no, I ain't no quitter!"
    Never quit the wine!!!

  3. Girl, I just found your blog and I'm pretty sure I'm in love!! You are hilarious! I may just have to partake in this linkup next week as well. And THANK GOD you aren't giving up buying shoes and drinking wine... I might have a heart attack if I did either of those. Fo' realsies.

  4. Hi Jess ~

    Stopping over from Brag About it Mondays via Jen ~ Thanks for the fun link up! Sorry my post is a little old but it is still my big accomplishment and I am proud of it!


  5. YAHTZEEE!!!!!!!!!! LOL I love it. You are one busy chicka and sooo have a right to brag!

    How perfect is that someecard?

    Way to go, lyf

  6. My MO is that if I actually write down a goal somewhere, it's really unlikely I'll ever achieve it, so I'm especially proud of you!

  7. Brilliant! Can't wait to link up next week!


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