Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Dirty Thirty Two recap

As you already know, if you've been reading, that this past weekend was my bday weekend!!!!
To kick it off, of Friday I received these guys in the mail!!!

These are May books. Click on the link or just google em!
These yearly calendars are just the cutest little personalized books!!! They were super easy to make. The website has sooooooo many different ideas!

Saturday we went to my favorite place for dinner, ZEN. It's a sushi restaraunt that has a Hibachi section. If you are my friend on Foursquare, then you will see that we check in this place at least twice a week!!! NOM  NOM NOM Omgeeeeeeee!!! It's so yummy. We had a party of 9 and all sat at the same hibachi table. Might I add, that if you are afraid of your eye brows singing off this probably isn't for you.

Outfit for the night!!
Candies Booties!!!

Jacket-Rue21, Leggings-Target, tshirt-Target!
 Josh having a "sexy drink" He says that he feels sexier as he drinks it lol! 

This is the "say goodbye to your eyebrows" part that I was talking about.
You also don't usually end up walking out of this place straight.

Did you say presents?

Blue? suede? heels? clearance? YES!!! These were a present to myself ;)

 a PINK sewing machine from mom, YES ITS PINK!!!!!! <3 br="br">

 Steady sticks to hold your wine/bottle while your outside so that you don't have to put em on the ground. GENIUS!!!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST............................

The hubs found this great beat up but classy wine "burea" as I like to call it. He filled it with 24 different kinds of wine. 12 white, 12 red. Holy Moly do I owe that man BIG TIME!!!

Because Saturday night was so much fun, this is what we did on Sunday.......
Which was TOTALLY worth it considering the Pats finally won a game. However, I'm pretty superstitious and I think they won because I fell asleep through the entire second half. lol.
And Monday was my actual birthday. October 1st. The hubs took me to one of my favorite restaurants and we went home and snuggled. I'm positive that I have the best husband in the world!!!

  Thanks so much to my sweet bloggy and twitter friends for all of the birthday wishes!!! This year my birthday was truly blessed with the best of family and friends anyone could have!

Heading to Patriots Place this weekend to shop with my sister!!! The hubs says that I'm "shoe-cut off". We'll see about that. Watch out now!!!


  1. Happy birthday a day late! I love hibachi grills, and I'm pretty any place with fire is wonderful enough for me ;) I love love your wine bureau, and how was I not following you before this?! Don't worry, I took care of business

  2. Shut UP with those blue suede heels... where did you get them?! I need!

    Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect! Guess we know what you'll be doing once half-time hits this weekend... half-time = nap-time = Pats win!

  3. OMG it looks like you had such a fab bday weekend!!! Such great gifts too! That wine bureau is gorgeous!!! And can I just say that your Hubs sounds like such a funny man. Every time I read your posts and you mention him, it cracks me up! LOL!

  4. Looks like you had a FABULOUS birthday!! The saki shot in the ketchup bottles? HILARIOUS. Love your booties too!

    Your presents are awesome-- LOVE the May Books (need to order mine...) and you're going to love your sewing machine :-) HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

  5. looooveeee your booties!! and i've been thinking about ordering from maybooks! should i? yes? i thought so!

  6. Glad you had such a great bday! You got some awesome gifts!

  7. Glad you had a fabulous birthday! I need to get that pink sewing machine! xo

  8. I seriously think that we may just be twins. For starters, happy belated birthday! Second of all, I am seriously dying for those little wine holders (steady sticks?) What a genius idea (how have I never heard of these or seen these before with all the wine that I drink?) I just might go out tomorrow and get me some! I especially love your new wine rack and even more so that it came filled with wine! (You have one smart hubby... the way to a woman's heart is through wine!)

    I agree with Tara above, I have been seeing Maybooks all over blogs and groupon lately. Is it really that great? Is it expensive?


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