Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summers Coming to An End?!


summer/fall 2012

Now that summer is coming to an end, this is my favorite time of year. Those of you who are upset that I just said that aloud, please except my apologies :) I love August and it leading right into the fall. I love that the summer nights get breezy and cool, letting you mix and match warm and fuzzy with sandals and pina coladas. We tend to have a lot of bonfires on the weekends and because we are so close to the coast, it gets chilly. Here are a few staples from my summer/fall transition wardrobe! The fedora is from Target. Mossimo and only $13.00!! Such a cute compliment to any outfit really. I have had my AE jean shorts FOREVER, so I don't even know what they cost anymore. It's a wonder they still fit :) The pleather flips are from  Old Navy. I always get a few pairs each year. I've been staying away from the traditional plastique rubber sandals, as our dog has an obsession with them. I like these flip flops because they are affordable ($12 bucks) and my feet are in and out of water all summer long, so I don't feel guilty tossing em at the end of the season. Lastly, is my FAV must have. It's my Victoria's Secret Classic Fleece Hooded Tunic. I know $50 dollars for a sweat shirt seems a little much but I PROMISE you, you will live in it. You cannot have just one of these either. They are so warm and comfy and super universal with leggings, shorts etc. They shrink a little so I recommend buying one size bigger :)

STAPLE. These guys go with out saying!. When I'm not wearing my "jackie o" sunglasses, or as my hubby calls them, Windshields or My boyfriend Beats me Glasses (funny not funny) my aviators are just as important to me as chapstick. LOVE these!!!

Must have beauty products for this transitional time of year coming soon. What's your must have for Summer/Fall 2012?

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