Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Shabby Chic Window Frame

Sooooo this week I came home to a real treat. Well, a real treat for me. No it wasn't flowers, lingerie, dinner, or a surprise vacation. It was these two!!!!

The hubs brought these home for me!!! He won't tell me where he got them, so I know that there are other goodies in his secret spot or he's doing something illegal to get em. Either way, SUPER PUMPED.

I started on one of them today. I sanded the entire thing down with my NEW Dewalt hand sander :) I got it at Lowe's and have had it hidden in my closet. WE don't share tools in this house.  Next I painted the entire frame with Valspar Swiss Coffee. It's the my favorite color paint to start with for any re-finishing. After one coat, extremely light handedly (please add that to your vocabulary), I let it dry. Then with an old sock, I pushed around Minwax English Chestnut stain. I wiped it off and lightly sanded it one more time.


 I hear Etsy calling my name!!! Happy DIY-ing!

ps- please disregard the hand in the photo. Josh got called in to work to do a delivery on his day off (that took much longer than it should have) and if I asked him to hang it tonight, I would have gotten the crazy eyes :)


  1. So beautiful! Love the collage of the steps :)

  2. I lovey 😃💟😃

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