Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TWO-FER Tuesdays!

I've decided to start a weekly post. A lot of the blogs that I read do this. I like it because it makes me obligated to blog and holds me responsible to post once a week.....for now.   I realize as I get more readers that do not know me and/or only know me for what I post, I'm going to spill some beans :) Every Tuesday I'm going to post two random facts about me and my life!!

1.   I never missed a day of high school. I received a
perfect attendance award. I know, what a DORK!!!
2.     I had a nose job 10 years ago. Totally worth it.  

3. I knew that I wanted to be a Dental Hygienist since
I was in 4th grade.
 4. I have a ridiculously strong  work ethic. Not to toot my own  horn, but I am one 
of the hardest workers I know.   

5. I have alien toes. I'm sorry if you are getting a mental picture.
6. My husband was my booty call for 6 years (TMI?)  

7. I lost my dad to cancer when I was 20, and 3 days later,
laid him to rest on my 21st birthday. I lost my brother
when I was 16 to AIDS.
 8. I took ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics from age 
5-15, then I quit and switched to competitive
9. I have a serious salt sensitivity. If I have to much, it gets
so bad, that my fingers look like Jimmy Dean
sausages. No joke!
10. I shaved my head for Locks of Love in 2001. 
Pre-Britney. I looked like a 12 yr old boy.


  1. Perfect attendance??? That's amazing!

    I wouldn't mind a little plastic surgery. Since I've lost weight my boobs are pretty nonexistent. Bring on the {small} implants!

  2. I got a perfect attendance award in high school too! My high school actually let you skip final exams Junior and Senior year if you had perfect attendance, so I had a great incentive...even came to school with strep one time :)

    High five fellow nerd!

  3. I only missed 4 days & im with bmwalsh ...... Bring on the boobs . Ilyf

  4. I love tuesday .mrs alien toes

  5. I had no idea about ur dad and brother :( its been years since I've seen ur family and they were my second family <\3

    1. :) I have a few pictures of us btw!!! My mom has them and they are hilarious!!!!! I'll have to scan them and get them to you at some point ;)


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