Monday, December 1, 2014

Tis the Season for a HUGE Giveaway

First things first. Am I the only one that has eaten like complete shit since Thursday? Seriously, I woke up this morning and I just feel disgusting! I've been actually looking forward to today to get back on track.

I love the weekend after Thanksgiving. It gets me in the mood for all things Christmas. Friday morning, my sister and I went out in the wee hours of the morning to start our shopping. Needless to say, I bought a ton of stuff for everyone and scored two pairs of boots for myself. JCP had some amazing sales this year. I love their kitchen department and you can always find a warm and fuzzy throw in their bedding department. After 5 hours of shopping and about $1500 spent between the both of us, we grabbed lunch and well deserved bloody mary!

Josh and I have been contemplating on getting a fake tree for the first time. GASP!!! I know. What kind of country loving DIY family are we with a fake tree?! 
Since his back hasn't gotten much better from his surgery, we figured an artificial tree would be the way to go. We scored our tree at Sears AND it was on sale. I must say, it is a beauty.
I saw a great idea on a friend of mine's instagram for a "baby's first Christmas" ornament so I had a go at it.
 I had some glass balls lying around from a burlap ornament phase that I was going through two years ago, so I used one of them. I used the back of a paint brush to jam in Charlee's hospital hat and her bracelet and TADA! I've since painted that ugly silver cap a muted brown color and added brown bakers twine to hang it.
Charlotte is loving all things Christmas too (or at least we are telling ourselves that).

And last but not least I will leave you with this amazing giveaway that myself and a bunch of great gals from blogland have put together! 
Good LUCK!


  1. Ughh, I've been eating like crap since Thursday too... I was so disgusted with myself last night! And you know I'm all about the fake tree... I know we live in New England and SHOULD have a nice real tree, but the fake ones are just way too easy! Sorry that Josh's back hasn't improved much... hate to hear that! :(

  2. I was glad to get back to work if only it meant structured eating and getting back on track. Woah boy it was a rough weekend for eating. The tree and the ornament came out really great, and her smile is precious!

  3. #teamfaketree - Charlee looks precious in that picture :)

  4. Babies in sweater dresses = :LOVE! So so cute!

    So Josh's back isn't much better? Will it still improve? I hope he is in less pain!

  5. What a great idea for the ornament!!! The tree looks great. Opposite of you, we've always had fake trees and this year we got a real one for the first time.

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