Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lovin me some November

We sure have had a mild fall. It's been pretty warm to say the least. This weekend was full of winter preparations ie trimming back ornamental grasses, cleaning lawn furniture, and drinking coffee mixed with Kringle Cream....(google it)
It also means that I got to drive around the golf cart to get the mail and deliver drinks etc. Charlotte is such an outside girl and can't get enough of staring up into the sky at the birds and the trees.
Friday we came home with a new car. Josh bought his Audi in the spring as a family car, figuring that it was better than the 87 Subaru aka green hornet that he was driving around. Unfortunately the Audi was a disappointment. There wasn't really enough room in it even though it was a wagon. The car seat had to go behind the passenger seat, because Josh is so tall. And the space it so limited that it makes it so we can't go anywhere with anyone else.
We talked about one of us getting a 7 passenger vehicle. I definitely want more babies but my commute is way to far for such a big car. So we said goodbye to his wagon.
He was initially looking at a Yukon or a Suburban and realized A-its $80 to fill it and B- even ten year old trucks like that we're still $20,000. So he checked out some other trucks and he drove home the Explorer LTD for me to take a peak at and I instantly fell in love with it. Since it's going to be his car, the final decision was his.

Charlotte is doing so good with her oatmeal that we are going to try some veggies in a couple of weeks!  She gets all excited when it's time to eat!!! She loves it! She's also been talking up a storm lately and I just can't get enough.
Unfortunately what she isn't loving right now is sleep. I don't even know how I am functioning, she woke up 7 times last night. SEVEN!!! 
I can't even get mad because when she wakes up, she just sits there and smiles. She is so cute!
Another project will be happening in the house soon and it has Annie Sloane Chalk paint written all over it. Updates to come soon!

Also, this year we will be hosting Christmas dinner for the first time. Josh and I have always wanted to be able to stay home Christmas day and watch our family bask in there presents, stay in jammies  and watch our babies fall asleep under the Christmas tree holding a Zeplin (Christmas Story reference, get with it!). High five to new traditions.

Happy Thursday!


  1. We have the same Explorer and LOVE IT!! Rea is also having some restless sleep these's hard when youre used to 10 hours at night lol! And I need to google Kringle Cream lol

  2. Oh my God I remember that sleep phase. It was terrible. He would only wake up one, but it would be for two hours and he would just play and laugh. Better than crying I guess. Hope you get some sleep soon! Love the car! The extra room is definitely worth it. I have a Tahoe that "can" seat 7. It's a bit to fill up, but it's worth it for the lifestyle we live.

  3. I want an Explorer! Sooo nice.

  4. Ummm...pretty sure you have introduced me to what will be my coffee's new favorite companion! Getting me some Kringle Cream ASAP!

  5. How big is you land you need a golf cart to get the mail?! Haha! I was jonesing over a house in Bellingham that had 2 acres and was like damn I don't want to mow it though. Car looks sweet!


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