Friday, July 11, 2014

Five on Friday House Edition

I posted this drink on Instagram and a starbs barista commented on my pic and told me how to make these at home! This is the iced blackberry mint tea mojito and if you haven't tried it, your missing out. You can buy the bottle of blackberry flavoring at Starbucks for $10.02 and the Tazo Green Tea at Target for $10.00 too. Make sure you ask for a pump for the blackberry. 

One k-cup of tea to 2 shots of blackberry flavoring. Fill the glass with ice and BOOM. Same drink 1/4 of the price. 


The carport is finally finished! Of course it's for the Dad mobile but I plan on cramming the Kia underneath in the winter when it snows.
After 4 years of living here, our landscaping beds are finally done and have filled in nicely. I should have added some mulch this year but with the timing of Charlee, it just didn't happen.

The second floor is finally finished. From the nursery, the office, the bathroom and the guest bedroom. I finally took some pictures the other day to share.
 This is the upstairs hallway. The crates are from Ocean Spray cranberry. And the barn door "X" with the pully was actually an attic entrance. I thought that it was ugly so of course we brainstormed and came up with this. It's one of my favorite projects in the house.
 Spare bedroom. The bedding is from West Elm and the headboard is custom from the Hubs.
 The bureau was my late brothers. It is a full maple bureau. I painted it, distresed it, stained it and added new knobs.
The chest, Josh found on Ebay and got it for $50 bucks. It's old and smells old too. You know the moth ball smell, only when you open it though. I keep that shit closed.
And of course a wedding picture in a rustic frame is hanging on the wall.

  Charlee is 2 weeks old today!!! Last night she slept form 10-2:30 and then 3:00-5:30. This is amazing for us.!!!

"It's gonna be a pretty little nice Friday, we're going to Babies R Us. Yeah, buy some diapers, maybe get some wipes, stuff like that. Maybe Kohls, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time."



  1. I love your house! Love. I'm bringing a tent and living in your back yard!

  2. I am slightly jealous is how amazing your house looks! Anytime you want to come decorate mine, let me know!

  3. Your house is so gorgeous! I love your decorating style!

  4. I love your house and the land. I need you to come decorate for me.

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  6. Love your house and the custom designs! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Love your blog.. found it through another blog I read and saw you are from MA (I am too)... I will be following :)

  7. Your flowerbeds look awesome with your gazebo in the background! Everytime you post photos of your home....I just love your style. Some day (yunnoo...when you dont have a newborn and do have a lil more sleep) - I hope to see more of a "home tour" on here. Just settin some expectations, NBD ;)

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