Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A graveyard confession and a post on Boobs.

 Just a quick photo dump to start off with.
Tuesday we napped.
We napped some more while we sunbathed.
Wednesday we represented "Thug Life"
We were also hanging out with Grammy
And Grammy will no longer be dressing her due to these "high wasted" pants. As you can tell, she doesn't like it at all. 

I know that I've only been a mom for less than two weeks and I am by no means a professional at breast feeding but I promise you that if you breast feed and your nipples get chaffed and sore you will search back for this post. 

Once your milk comes in, you will know. You wake up with porn star boobs. Literally. It's like Christmas, but you didn't have to buy any presents! 

First off, my kid feeds ALL.OF.THE.TIME. I wouldn't change it for the world. It is exhausting and painful but knowing that I'm giving her the best makes it all worth it. 

Second of all, every newborn will at one point in their feeding, snap their head back with that MORO reflex. That's the reflex that makes their arms flail, legs jump etc. Except now they will have your nipple in their mouth and stretch that shit like a clam neck and release. You WILL want to flick your child at this point. But you won't.  

Thirdly, when your child is hungry and screaming to the point that she is purple, you will breast feed anywhere. Example, I breastfed at the cemetery today. Twice. We were on country roads about 10 minutes from  home and there was literally NO WHERE to just pull over.
That being said.... 

Here are my go to's that have made this entire experience EASIER.

1. Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter- This stuff is great because you don't need to wipe it off before you breast feed. It also feels amazing. 

2. Lansinoh Nursing Pads-aka leak pads. I had been washing bra's everyday before I got these. If you've ever breast fed, you know that once you start feeding the other boob starts leaking milk. So no matter what, boobs in or our, your bra is getting milk in it.

3. Motherhood Nursing Tanks- These tanks have little clips up by the straps that allow you to drop down just one side of the tank to feed. They are having a sale right now, buy one get one 50% off. These are super helpful at night when you have to wake up for a quickie.

4. Epsom salt- I've used this for a ton of different things but more recently I put a cup of it in the bathtub and fill it with hot water. Because I've only been breast feeding for 12 days my nips are super sore. I get in the tub and lay belly down for about 20 minutes. This takes the pain away instantly.

5. Lanisoh Soothies-They are exactly that "soothies". These reusable cool gel pads pop right into your bra for instant relief.

Oh and these
These allowed me to enjoy 2 coronas on Monday and reassured me that I was not getting any alcohol in my breast milk later on when I fed Charlee.

Happy Humpday


  1. LOL you are hilarious. Love your posts!

  2. hahaha like a clam! FOR REAL. I was pretty sure that she was sucking a piece of glass out of my nipples at one point. I couldn't believe the pain of week 1-2. Toe curling. Those Lansinoh pads are the bomb, too. If you put pressure on the other nipple, it will stop the milk a bit. I usually put my arm across one side now that I'm coordinated enough to do anything besides nurse at the same time. At 9.5 months, it just stopped coming out the other side but every once in a while it sneaks up on me.

    Also, I can't stand the cuteness. She is SO precious! Love the high-waist pants and big hat. I realized that Noelle's pictures with Santa, she looked like Steve Urkel. Fail.

    Seems like things are going well. Is this weird.. we should totally get together for a playdate this summer! We can drink Coronas while our babies nap! :)

  3. Will you be pumping? Although I don't have my own children I went through it all with my sister and sister in law and I know how hard it was on them. My sister had the most difficult time breast feeding because her babies were preemies and couldn't latch on. Glad to hear that she has taken to the boob so well!!!

  4. Thank you for the honesty in this post! I'm planning to breastfeed and it helps having people be real about it. I already have those Lanisoh products on my registry :)

  5. This just made my day times ten!! I have a lil guy who is two weeks old today and all that breastfeeding shenniagens you speak of is totally going down here. Thank you for sharing and specially the alcohol strips...genius!! Your lil lady is adorable. 😊

  6. Girl I feel your pain with the nipple pulling/clam neck. And I'm sorry to say, at 10weeks old my little guy is still doing it. Yet he is now stronger! Eek! Great post.

  7. I recommend to everyone nipple shields!! I have used them since day one with my 5month old! Some who said it could affect my supply.... I have a freezer full of pumped milk, never given her a bottle and she has doubled her birth weight!! My nipples thank me!! Plus it has saved me from having to get a fussy baby to latch since it's so easy for
    Her to grab :-)


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