Thursday, June 19, 2014

40 Week Bumpdate, Spicy food, Sex and Pedicures

How far along: 40 weeks aka full term aka incubation time is over aka "get out of my belly"
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 18lbs
Maternity clothes: I'm ready to burn these clothes, it's been real!
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: Out
Sleep: Sleep is pretty decent. Either that or I've just gotten used to being up quite often. Getting out of bed is a whole other story........
Best moment this week: I actually cut down a day at work this week. I took off Wednesday and went and got my hair done and a pedicure. I also crossed spicy food (spicy crabmeat salad) and sex off of my "Makes You Go Into Labor" list. Needless to say, none of those worked. Oh and neither did the full moon that we had last Friday.
Worse moment this week: On Tuesday I baked cupcakes for the girls at work. They have been super helpful these last couple months, especially my manager. I made 12 cupcakes and used the rest of the cake mix to make a mini cake (8x8). I finished baking around 9 and thought that it would be a good idea for me to eat some cake and cookie dough ice cream. WORST. IDEA. EVER. I had indigestion until 2:30 am and had to sit up in bed til then, to keep myself from barfing!
Miss anything: Vacuuming. I know, sounds weird but I love a clean house and with this sciatic nerve issue going on,  it's totally put a cramp in my cleaning routine.
Movement: There is no more room in there, between feet in my ribs and elbows down low, I keep thinking she must be ready to move out!
Cravings: Finally my first craving at 40 weeks, gummy worms! But only the red/clear ones. The rest of the bag hits the trash!
Looking forward to:  My water breaking. At this point, I don't give a shit if it happens in the middle of Target and someone has to call for a clean up in aisle 3!

In other news the baby pool is up to $155 bucks! Even one of my maternity nurses has put in her bid. I'm not quite sure how comfortable I am with her gambling on my delivery though, I can just picture her saying "Don't push yet, in 2 hours it will be my date!" lol. There are also people that I don't even know that have bid on my delivery. People have wagered from June 10th all the way until the end of June with weights ranging from 6lbs to 8lbs 1oz.

Josh finished another small project in the nursery, the growth chart. Even though we won't be using this for about a year, it's something that was really important to him...and as usual, it came out amazeballs. Because our home is post and beam, most rooms have a beam in them and we fully took advantage of this one!
DIY Growth Ruler


  1. 40 weeks!!! I'm so excited for you... can't wait to see the news that she's arrived! You guys are going to be amazing parents!! <3

  2. Eek! So close. I had a full moon right before my due date and NOTHING. I was so mad. Haha. Also, I only eat the red gummy bears normally... I'm going to pretend I'm not weird now since you do it too, even though it's a pregnancy craving! Can't wait for baby girl to get here. COUNTDOWN IS ON!

  3. You're so close!!! Can't wait to see pictures when she's finally here. i'm in love with the growth beam!

  4. You look so fab!!! Hopefully she comes SOON!!!! Can't wait to see her sweet little squishy face!!!

  5. Nothing about you looks pregnant except that little basketball under your shirt! ;) You're so cute. I hope it's any day for you!!! Love that growth chart too btw :)


  6. HAHA, funny story is my water broke 30 minutes after I left a bar. I KNOW totally trashy!!! It was may best friend's birthday and we were listening to a band. I drank seltzer. Thank goodness my husband didn't drink too much because I was NOT driving myself 40 minutes to the hospital. I could only imagine my water breaking in the middle of a bar?!?!?

  7. Ok you had my LOL with the Target comment. HILARIOUS. I can't wait to see pictures, 40 weeks looks good on you girl!

  8. Almost there!! How do you still look so good??!! Excited to see the new little one soon!

  9. You look so DAMN good. Sending labor pains (can I say that never having been knocked up or delivered) your way!

  10. Let's get going Baby Casey ..........Aunty is waiting and Mommy deserves a long over due Margarita . And yes my bff you look amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!

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