Monday, May 12, 2014

My Weekend In Pictures

1. The Bump Nest Pillow has been kidnapped.
2. One of my blogging bff's, Jen mailed me the cutest baby gift!!! I mean seriously how perfect is this onesie!
3. BLT's with Avocado and cheese. BLTAC's.
4. I had a small scare this weekend and realized that I need to pack a hospital bag stat. In two weeks this momma will be full term and could pop at any time! So I started a list based off of my Instagram post-thanks ladies!
This was from last Thursday
 5. And of course I needed a new Vera Bradley Grand Traveler bag to put all of my hospital stuff in!

Friday and Saturday consisted of cleaning and organizing! My sister helped me with a ton of stuff on Friday and the hubs is still working on wrapping up some loose ends before June!
Saturday night Josh and I went to see Neighbors. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and get to the theater. It's hilarious.

Lastly, this pic seemed to get a lot of "likes" on Mother's Day so I figured I would share it for those of you who hadn't seen it! 
This picture was actually from 2 years ago on Mother's Day. I had ran into a gas station to pay for gas and saw these blue blockers at the checkout and I just had to get them for her! 
I am so thankful to have her in my life!


  1. Can't believe you are so close! That picture is hilarious!! Gotta love her spirit!

  2. Oh my how time has flown by! I cannot believe you are that close.. I am so excited for you all sweet girl.. PS tell the Mr to stop kidnappin that bump!

  3. I am SO excited for you to meet that little girl!!!!

  4. You're almost there! I can't believe it, seems like we were just reading about your news! :)
    I can see why he'd steal the pillow, but he's not being very smart there...momma needs her pillow! (I don't have that exact version but I have a snoogle which is similar I think?) Also you look super tan girl....I tested out some self-tanner this morning to make sure it hasn't gone bad (bought it last year ha) =P


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