Monday, February 17, 2014

Bittersweet Valentines Day

Oh Valentines Day, how do I love thee?
Josh definitely went big this year and actually got me everything on my little blog wish list.
Totally a benefit to having a blog is being able to hint or straight out demand what you want for holidays, birthdays etc. I'm assuming this is the last year that anything will most likely be exchanged for Valentines Day, other than flowers and dinner, due to the new addition. 
I also woke up to a new iphone case on my phone, a MK watch under my throw blankets and the bullet earrings on the coffee table! Swoon. 
His version....
Vintage pickup birdhouse, whiskey, sangria, and a LL Bean gift card! 
Friday afternoon was mom's follow up appointment for her wire biopsy. The doc said that the  results were "atypical" and that she needs a different type of biopsy. In 2 weeks she will have a needle biopsy and everything and anything done after that will be in Boston. Please keep those prayers coming and thank you so much to many of you, for reaching out and touching base with me during this tough time. 

Saturday was a venture out snow day. We were hit with another 10 inches! However, when you live in New England, a blizzard doesn't really stop your from driving an hour away to go to an AMAZING Pottery barn. Also when you have a husband who has driven a tanker filled with jet fuel through sandstorms at 60 miles an hour with no visibility in Iraq, daily, your know your in good hands.
I also think that I had an orgasmic cupcake this weekend. Since I can't have wine, I have indulged in sweets. If you can't drink the calories you mind as well eat them!
This cupcake was from The Crumb Factory. Boston Creme cupcake in all its yummi-ness.
Sunday was a lazy day. I cuddled with this pretty girl and failed at trying to get a kiss pic.
 Needless to say after 4 dog cookies in my mouth to try to get a cute pic, I gave up.
And to finish off our weekend we watched 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black (which I highly recommend) made a chicken pot pie and some waffle cookies!
I'll post the recipe for these delish cake waffle cookies later this week! 
Happy Presidents day! Now go do some online shopping!!!!


  1. Your going to love the Clarisonic! Looks an awesome Vday and weekend!

  2. I now want a cupcake and that dog.

  3. I just love your little dog! He is too cute... However I am willing to bet he could very easily knock me down! I also love how the Pottery Barn where you live at has the wooden doors! It is way cuter then the ones we have around here... I do however seem to fall in love with that place!

  4. That cupcake looks delicious! I craved chicken pot pie a lot when pregnant with Maddie.

  5. I did a "wish list" for Christmas one year and my MIL saw it and got me almost everything on it. It was the best idea I've ever had. I really should start doing it again.

    Still sending thoughts and prayers for your mom. She's in good hands in Boston. Keep me posted.

  6. your dog's expressions are always so great. looks like y'all had a great valentine's- love the gifts.
    thinking of your mom and your whole family, keep us updated!

  7. I WANT THAT CUPCAKE. And I agree, now that I can't have wine I want all things bad for me and too-sweet. I'm glad you got everything on your wish-list for Valentine's Day <3

  8. Cake waffle cookies? Whattttttt? Yum! I am so jealous of your v-day haul!

    Anand the pup kissing picture is so perfect. I have about 30,000 in my photo library!

  9. I'm loving those converse!!! And your pup is GORGEOUS!!!

  10. He did good! That pickup bird feeder is so cute! That cupcake though, oh wow.

  11. how cute is that little birdhouse?! I got my clarisonic last year for Valentines Day and it was such a nice surprise! We've been watching a ton of House of Cards season 2-- sometimes there's nothing better then binge watching on netflix :)

  12. I want all of your Valentine's gifts, thankyouverymuch. And oh so jealous of your trip to PB, but I damn well know I'd drain my wallet in about 30 seconds in there!

    Still thinking of you and praying for your mama! xo

  13. I def need to watch Orange is the New Black!!! I have heard so many people say how great it is!

    Sending good thoughts your way for your mama!!!!!

  14. i love the new kicks!!! orange is the new black is awesome; i heard they'll be releasing Season 2 soon.

    Vodka and Soda

  15. Osh is awesome! And when I asked you abt your mom yesterday you should have said "read my blog bitch!"


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