Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow and Snacks

If you live in NE you know we got about 12 inches of snow on Thursday night. Which is awesome when you don't have to go to work the next day and your brother in law owns a plow.
And what else is there to do besides eat and be lazy during a blizzard...
 I have been on a blt kick lately. Add some avocado and cheese and I'm sold.  I wouldn't say its a "craving", I blame it on only eating  mac n cheese for 5 weeks and forgetting how good produce tastes!
 Puppa has been feeling a little better. Or, should say "sounding" a little better? His coughing/goose honk is still pretty sporadic but at least all of us are sleeping through the night! 
Saturday my sis came over and helped me clean the house. Honestly, I don't think it has been done since October. It was dusty as hell!!! Next week, we will be attacking the upstairs and I've been on a organizing rant...which is awesome! (Note*I also need to get on the elliptical for at least 30 minutes twice a week from now on. I was so out of breath cleaning, I was looking for the oxygen nostril thingys. The last time that I worked out...well it was the same time that the house was last cleaned.)
I mean even my make up brushes were cleaned.
Glass, 1/4 cup vinegar, water and drop of dish soap. Soak 20 mins and rinse. Flatten to dry.
If you haven't done this in eon's like me, it's disgusting. I had to wash mine twice!!!!
Thursday makes 17 weeks preggers. Here's your bumpdate photo!
Happy Monday to all of you and your 5 day work week!!!!


  1. Sounds like quite a productive weekend! I remember in my third trimester dying as I was cleaning house. And it took about three times as long. Your bump is so cute!

  2. Your little bump is so cute!! Try the BLT/grilled cheese with guacamole. It's amazing!! (This is the recipe I've used:

  3. A) You're probably going to get out of breath no matter what you do, or how good of shape you are in. It's the joys of pregnancy. I would have an asthma attack standing up from the couch! Haha. B) The bump definitely looks like it is here to stay! Looking good!

  4. That BLT looks delish! Glad Puppa is doing better. Your bump is too cute! P.S. Tell you BIL he can come plow my driveway anytime.

  5. I'm always amazed by how nasty my make up brushes are when I clean them. I know I should do it more often, but usually once a month it happens and I'm alwaysss horrified!

  6. I'm finally seeing a bump!! And the breathing issue is due to that little bun hun :) You wrote cheese twice!

  7. I definitely need to clean my brushes, I was thinking that this morning!


  9. You look so great! I've been having breathing difficulty too - putting on shoes and walking up the stairs are major challenges for my pregnant self. I really need to clean my brushes - may take advantage of tomorrow's snow day to do that. The avocado and cheese sounds like it would be a perfect lunch for tomorrow's chilly weather too!

  10. you can come organize my house too! I need to do it so bad, but can't bring myself to do it!

    ahhhhhh, I am loving your baby bump, cutest ever!

  11. Your baby bump is SO cute! I'm SO glad the snow melted today. I am not a fan of it!

  12. Yes, I love that you shared your brush cleaning tips, because I'm terrible about that.


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