Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bitch Fest

It's Wednesday and I'm blogging. Who the eff am I?
Some vent-age in this post. So if you don't want to read what I'm bitching about, I suggest you keep moving on...
So what..If I purged my office on Sunday and haven't touched it since. I don't have a filing cabinet yet, so this is looking pretty ok to me. Needless to say in this pile of crap, I found my contract from my braces from 1990. I kept it.

So what..... if my sweet dog can only get some sleep on xanax and the pill only lasts about 5 hours and I am up from 2 am til..... well now.

So what if I just went darker with my hair and hate it, then peeled off my eyelash extensions and feel ugly. 

So what if I have all boys names picked out and they end in "ER".
Meaning, by living in New England, this poor kid will never be "Carter"....he will be "Cart-ah". Bleh.

So what if one of my only two girls names was Kennedy...and I have removed it from my list because of the association with this MTV VJ.....

So what if my kid is going to be a  ginger. There is about a 100% chance that it's going to happen.
 Just kidding, but funny.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Vent away my friend!!! I am the same way with the name thing and I am not even preg yet! We finally narrowed it down to a name for each..but it took months!

  2. Someone is nesting!! Haha! I love the dark hair but I know how it feels when you hate your hair. The name thing is hilarious because it is such a Boston thing to worry about and such a reality. :)

  3. Jess's pregnancy hormones are a raging today! Watch out ;) With my first pregnancy I wanted to fight everyone. I've never been in a fight in my life. My mantra was "I'll cut a bitch."

  4. I always start a major overhaul of some room, trash it, and then leave it for awhile. I think it's mandatory. Although, my rooms usually look a whole lot worse than your picture! Names are easier when you know the gender, then they become more like "real people" instead of a hypothetical. Although I was SO in love with our girl name I was almost convinced it was going to be a girl! Hang in there girl! Hair can be dyed, lash extensions can be put back on!

  5. I love me some ginger babies!! I only had boy names picked out for Maddie. Which is why the MR ended up naming her, I was at a loss for girl names. haha

  6. Haha hilarious post. The best is "Cart-ah" true but still cute names end in ER.

  7. Nesting will come and overwhelm and you'll be so glad you have a project! Until then, I'd say leave it and let the mess remain.

    PS - boy names are a thousand times cuter than girl names. I have the same affliction.


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