Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year and Updates!

Happy New Year from our home to yours!

Obviously this is going to be a big year for us!!
I don't necessarily do resolutions for NYE. I pretty much choose times through the year that I would like to change certain things. However, I think because I'm nesting, I have plans for this year.

1. Meal prep more. And better. Because there is only two of us, going out to eat is so easy last minute. But I want to get into more of a "at home" habit.

2. Minimize. From beauty products to tupperware, I need to downscale all of this stuff.
I have too much of it and it needs to go. The amount that falls out of the cabinet is giving me anxiety!

3. Organization. After 2 is completed of course. I am really good at organizing but keeping it organized is my problem.

4. Relax. I grew up as a hypochondriac. Always worrying and thinking the worst. They say 85% of what we worry about will never happen. I think I want to change this the most because of the pregnancy. I have done great so far. I haven't read any of the cliche books or horror stories and I'm just pretty much reading a lot of mindful pregnancy stuff. Because I've suffered from severe anxiety as well, it is something that I DO NOT want our new family member to have to deal with in life. 

5. Positivity. This I implemented a few years ago. It takes a ton of practice and is a skill that will never be fully mastered. It is the instant cure for most dramatic situations and the best tool to have in life!
Rambling over. Ok, I have to sneak in a small BUMPDATE.
I got a ton of compliments and likes on the Instagram pic, so I just have to share it.
You all have made me feel like a hot prego (if that's even possible) 

I figured that this may be the last time that I will be able to wear leather pants, so why the hell not!
I honestly don't know how I would feel if my mother showed me a pic of her in this outfit while she was 16 weeks pregnant with me! 
How far along: 16 weeks
Weight gain: 2 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Not yet, just leggings and pikos. Although I'd prefer yoga pants and hoodies, I'm trying to make an effort with better outfit choices.
Last week I actually considered cutting all of my hair off or at least getting bangs.... Thank God I was talked off that ledge.
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In but Josh has assured me that because I'm going to be a mom, my belly button ring has to come out.
Sleep: Sleeping good other than the frequent bathroom trips
Best moment this week: Finally being in the mood to eat meat. Prime rib come to mama.
Worst moment this week:  This was 2 weeks ago but I have to share it.
1) My mother made our bed while we were on vacation and she tucked in the sheets military style. When I got in to bed on Wednesday night I tried to pull the blankets and sheets up to my neck and my hand slipped of the blanket enabling me to punch myself in the face and give myself a fat lip.  I went to the bathroom and cried. Hormones.
Miss anything: Festive cocktails, exercise and uninterrupted sleep.
Movement: nope, gas..
Cravings: Finally off of the mac and cheese kick and loving some fruits and veggies.
Queasy or sick: chicken
Looking forward to: our gender appointment at the end of the month!!!!

Puppa update!
Puppa was diagnosed with a severe collapsed trachea last week. It happens with age. He is 14. There is no treatment recommended other than keeping him calm and sedated.
Currently he's taking 4 mg of xanax, rimadyl and a bronchialdialator 3x a day. It amazes me that a 15 pound dog can take 4 milligrams of xanax. I've taken .5 mgs and been on my ass!
He's definitely out of it, but his coughing has been cut down from 24 hours a day to about 2. This means that he can actually breath normal and rest. We are going to treat him with these medications for as long as they work. The vet said that in all other areas he is the bionic dog :)
As you all know, a sick fur baby is heart breaking, and there has certainly been some down pours of tears in this house. We are just trying to keep him comfy right now! Thank you for all of  your kind words!


  1. So sorry to hear about the pup! I always feel so helpless when our furry guy isn't well and I'm sure you feel the same. Sending good, healthy, puppy vibes your way!

  2. You looked amazing in the New Years pic. Rock it till you can girl! I am all about minimizing in the new year. I am a total junkie when it comes to hair products and I need to pare it down. Glad pup is breathing easier. My heart goes out to you all, I know how much our pets mean to us. Big hugs!!

  3. Wear them leather pants, girl! Happy New Year!

  4. Your pregnant and you can pull of leather leggings.
    I hate you, in the best way possible! ;)

    You look gorgeous, as always!


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