Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

  • I'm still obsessed with this stuff and using it as shampoo to boot. It says you can on the bottle...ha.

  • I am slowly convincing my self that these expensive, pretty, little things belong on my tree this year. They are $10.50 each from Pottery Barn

  •  I love that Graycie thinks that the Bump Nest pillow was for her.

  • And most of all? I love that I will be in the Caribbean in 2 weeks (with out a base tan, but who cares?)

 Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. I showed Chris ..the hubs..Gracie..and I am now trying to convince him we need a Gracie. She is to darn cute!

  2. Gracie is adorable! And big congrats on the baby news!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  3. Smelling like peppermint all!! Those ornaments are too cute! Aww Gracie and her cuteness!!

  4. Haha, she fits right into that pillow perfectly!

  5. Gracie and that pillow = adorable! Woo hoo for the Caribbean! So jealous.

  6. You can't just trot off to the Caribbean without me!! I'm coming to MA so I can stowaway in your luggage!
    Oh Gracie girl. You are adorable.
    So is that plaid bedding. It's so....wintery!!


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