Monday, July 22, 2013

Lobstah Shenanigans

My weekend was a blast. Filled with fun, sun, food and naturally too much booze.

On Thursday night I came home and this little bugger came!

I have gone back and forth between the Polar  
and the Bodybugg. The Bodybugg's progress is all tracked on-line and doesn't sync on it's own, it has to be uploaded by hand. The Polar heart rate monitor is super easy to use and let's face it, during my work out, the only thing that I want to be difficult is the work out.
So I tested it out on Friday morning, like a jackass in 83 degrees.

Not too shabby for my first work out. I confess, I also wore this while I was blowing drying my hair. In my defense it takes me about 45 minutes from start to finish and I wanted to see if this type of exercising would allow me to sneak in another slice of pizza.
And No, the results were puny. But don't you worry, I will be wearing it during other activities and keep you filled in on those burned calories. 

The rest of Friday was a beach day!!!
and my first experience with the beautiful mess app............LOVE!

 Friday night it was too damn hot to cook so we grabbed a quick bite at a local joint and I had an AMAZING lobster roll! I think this is what set the tone for our weekend!

Sister Saturday was in full effect all day on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous and we bee-bopped around all day. But first we took Ms. Graycie for a coffee run.

 Some good ol' Saturday day drinking pics with the hubs as our DD.

 Saturday night's Shenanigans turned into a solo late night quad ride to the pond out back and early morning dirty breakfast sandwiches from Mc Donalds in which I continued to  burp up all day on sunday. 

Sunday we relaxed, watched a movie, and ate this tiny crustacean.

He was only 7 lbs but he was massive, and full of meat! We even have left overs and with lobster that's unheard of with us. And for all of you instagrammers asking how did we cook it?
50 quart stock pot off of Amazon!!!

Happy work week lovelies!!!!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. WHOA that is quite the lobster!!!!!!

  2. OMG ....he could of attacked you!

  3. OH MY GOD! That looks AMAZING! I am SOOOOOO jealous!

  4. seriously though that's the biggest lob i've ever seen. When can i come live with you??

  5. That lobster is scary. I think I would have been afraid of it! haha

  6. Are you loving your Polar HRM?! I love mine! I think I may be the only New Englander that doesn't eat lobster, but that is a huge Lobstah!

  7. you win the award for SCARIEST LOBSTER EVER! It's huge!! I love lobster though..yummy! PS - Have I told you lately how incredibly gorgeous you are???

  8. Polar is the best thing ever! i got mine about a month ago and i loveeeeee it.

  9. Yay for getting a polar watch! I think I'm going to ask for a fitbit or jawbone for my bday. I want one so bad!!! And I still can't get over that lobster!!!! lol. ps - I have no idea why I wasn't following you on gfc! I thought I was. So weird!!! ; )

  10. Holy shit! I didn't know you could even get lobsters that big!

  11. Holy lobster! And I love that shirt where did you get it?


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