Thursday, May 23, 2013

SPDL At Home Shellac

Expensive Shellac manicures have been an ongoing argument in my house. I'm not allowed to do them during football season because I just peel it off while watching the Patriots! 
But it also seems that any other time, I'm always busted for picking it off lol.
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So instead of paying $40 for a manicure and Shellac that I just peel off in 7 days, I decided to buy the necessities and do it at home. Investment opportunist!
I bought the light and the power cord at Sallys for around $30. The light it self was on sale for $18 and I had a $5 off coupon and the cashiers gave me 20% off my total! (They sell the power cord separately...weird)
I bought the goods at Sally's as well. They carry the brand "Gelish", which has a great selection of colors.

Here is what you will need.
-Foundation paint
-A petal for your thoughts (color)
-Top coat paint
-orange wood stick
-rubbing alcohol

Here's the DIY
1. Give your self a little mani/pedi
2. Wipe your nails down with Alcohol
     3. Paint on the foundation, make sure you get the very tippity tips of your nails and keep it off of the skin! 
4. Cure it (1 minute)
  5. This next step is super important. Re wipe your toes with the alcohol pad. The foundation will still be slightly tacky.
6. Paint the color of your choice with the same technique as the foundation!
 7. Cure now for 3 minutes. (darker colors are 3 minutes and lighter colors are only 2)
8. Top Coat paint time with using same technique
 9. Cure for another 3 minutes
10. Polish up toes with a heavily soaked alcohol swab and VIOLA
Just be careful not to bump your toes under the light like me. This light isn't the great for pedi's but it's awesome for shellac manicures.
*Make sure that you have wine for this project. It takes about 1 hour to complete.

There is a great cheat sheet on the back of the Gelish light box and a "how to" manual at Sallys that is free when you buy the products! 
  It's also in a few languages
 Check me out on instagram for some shellac manicure pics! 


  1. You just blew my mind. I thought it would be way more expensive then that. Must invest!

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I may have to invest in this!

  3. Love this! Totally going to have to try this out!

  4. I never used to get manicures since it seemed like a waste when they chipped in a day or two so when the shellac manicures came out I was so excited. I can make mine last up to 4 weeks if it was done well and I've been good not to pick. But my husband hates that I get them done, he thinks its a waste since they cost $35 and are gone in 4 weeks. I will be heading to Sally's this weekend to pick these up! So excited :)

  5. Love! I might have to invest the money in this.

  6. So funny! I just bought a kit to do my nails. Hoping it will come in handing since I'm starting cos school in 2 weeks!

  7. My paint always chips after a day or two, thanks to the gym! I need to try this so it lasts longer!

  8. Not bad at all! I should look into buying something like that. I can do it myself and save the $30 + tip!

  9. Sally's has Gelish brand polish?! I always order mine online and hope the color is the same as the picture. I have a Sephora gel system and swear by it. I took off my fake nails to save money, not to spend the same thing getting the gel polish done at the salon! You are brave to put it on your toes. I barely have the patience to soak it off my fingers so I can't imagine soaking it off my toes!

  10. i have so wanted to try this but the price wasn't right, i gotta do it!

  11. that looks great! I love a gel manicure, especially one that is less than $40!

  12. oh snap! i need to try this!


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