Thursday, April 11, 2013

And I'm not talking about the cheese! Brie Exposed! Link UP!!!

Meet Brie. Although, I'm pretty sure that even if I think that I am exposing her, she's does a pretty fab job on her own!
Brie has the best sense of humor. She's playing the field and she's isn't afraid of getting out there! She also likes wine, and a friend of wine is a friend of mine.

SO let's EXPOSE her! 
Hi Ladies!
I'm Brie over at Wine Fueled Girl! I've been over here at Jess's page before but you might know me from being Simple Single Girl Life.
For some reason Jess is letting me take over her blog again but hey she makes the rules around here. I'll try to keep you entertained like Jess keeps you entertained each day so please stick with me haha.
I recently decided to get back into the online dating world and I must say, it is kind of scary. You'd think with me living in Florida I would be surrounded by hot beach tan men who you could drool over every moment. Wrong, very very wrong.

Instead I'm surrounded by men who think it is awesome to pose with fish.

"Look! I caught a fish!"

Yes sir, I'm now soooo turned on by the fact that you know how to hold a fish. This makes me wish to date you because I now know you can put fish on my table. It isn't like there is one fish photo at the end they usually put these as their profile photo OR every photo on their page features a fish.

Now if you aren't into fish you could have....

A bird.
yeah....I'm turned on. Purrrr. ugh.

Now, we then run into the guy who thinks his pants around his feet and a few $20 might make a girl holler.
Oh baby, Oh baby. I love a man that doesn't know how to wear clothing and has maybe....$300. Oh look there is a hundred! Joy!
Ummmm......would you like to go on a date with Mr. Invisible? At least if we lose power I can figure out where I'm going with that shining light of a man.
This is the ONLY pic on his page. Basically he was just driving one day and saw a man on a very tall ladder and said, "Hey, that could be me." and now he is trying to pull the women in with his "Tarzan" like skills.

Well, it doesn't involve a fish but it doesn't involve his face. He is the Man of Mystery or with that flowing mane of hair he could be the Madam of Mystery.
And then....this. Because what woman doesn't want to go on a date with a man who is a screen saver background.

Yeah, each day I get a message from one of these lovely men with a "hey" or a "you and me should have naked fun" I continue to wonder how I'm still single with all these smooth talking men.

So ladies stop on by and keep up with the fun online dating experiences and the occasional wine fueled musings of this wine lover!

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  1. We all know my deep love for Ms. Brie, but this is the main reason how you fall in love with her. Her overly seductive way with sarcasticness.

    love this lady.

  2. hahahaha hilarious! I especially like the man posing like he's going to eat his fish!

  3. Too funny! Unfortunately I can relate. Online pickings in Boston are terrible too!!

  4. OMG these are hysterical.


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