Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

It's Friday? 
Not to be confused with Thursday aka yesterday aka the day that I ALSO had off. Must have been the deep tissue massage that I had for 110 ten minutes that threw me off. 

Dear Bills,
I effing hate you. I mean HATE! Just when I think I'm going to save, BAM... Excise tax. Stupid shit.

Dear New Coworker, 
You are the shit! I'm pretty sure you don't know that I have a blog but your Yoda skills impress me on the regular, so I wouldn't be surprised if your already creeping! 

Dear Husband,
When I tell you that I think I'm depressed, please don't respond with "Well, I hope you feel better?" and walk away. WTF.  
*I don't think that I'm really depressed, I was just having a moment. Annnnd now I sound cray.

Dear My Fitness Pal,
Thank you so much for helping me not add to the cellulite that I like to call happy dimples on my ass, all by monitoring my diet and now holding me more accountable because I have blogging friends watching.  
My ass is happy enough.
 Find me bitches Jessrdh80

Dear Masseuse,
Due to your barbaric, droppin' bows technique, I cannot lift my arms above my head today.

 Dear Target Cashette,
Thank you for the shit load of coupons for my NEXT purchase. Like $2 off an Essie polish and a dollar off the 18 carton of eggs,
 Dear Next Pope,
I just couldn't go on if you don't re-instate the "pope" twitter account. Oh my GAH!!!

Now, let's just get through this work day, will ya?!



  1. I'm with you on the bills sister! I am broke as a damn joke right now :( I hate being responsible! Happy Friday!

  2. hahaha pope twitter account! yes! $2 off essie?! you can just go back...! my husband would say the same thing. i understand that!

  3. Bills bills bills... girl I'm feeling that ish today, let me tell you! Tax returns? Time to save some money? Oh hell no, car repairs car repairs car repairs...

  4. I hate bills too...they are not very friendly!! Also..the hubs never get it!! I may have to follow the pope if it comes back!!

  5. Damn bills! Why can't we all just live for freeeee?!

  6. Love your letters!
    Come link up over at my blog too for Friday's Letters!!!

  7. Girl, join the nation bills hater club! I'll join you in your next can't put my arms over my shoulder massage. Sounds amazing!

  8. What is Target Cashette? I just downloaded my fitness pal, I just need to start using it!

  9. I am completely with you on the soon as we feel like we've caught up..bam life hits and tells you things like "oh you paid off your credit card? guess what? the washer and dryer needs replaced. haha!" story of my life! new follower from the linkup! happy friday! :)

  10. WTH is excise tax? I've heard of it but I'm pretty sure I don't pay it. How awesome was the massage... minus the bows of course. I'm watching you, my fitness pal, you.

  11. 2 bucks off Essie?!!? I would love that!! Essie is my JAM!

  12. Stopping over from Friday Letters! Great letters, have a great weekend!

  13. I love your Friday Letters! I just started following you & I must admit just from the Letters alone I feel for the blog cannot wait to read more :)

  14. Send those coupons my way :)

  15. Isn't that kind of massage the best...the kind that almost makes you HURT SO GOOD!!! Also?! I probably ought to get back on the MyFitness Pal.

  16. what? i have never heard of essie being reduced like ever! how did you pull that off? i have had those massages too that aren't so relaxing and just a little bit painful

  17. Dude send that Essie coupon to me. I dig.

  18. Just catching up on posts. My husband is notorious for saying the wrong things too. Haha. Now I just move his mouth and tell him what to say. It makes our marriage better. haha. PS just added you on MFP (I'm Mrsktothep). Maybe if I see you actually logging then I can lose the 10 lbs I gained and the rest that I was supposed to lose. haha!


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